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Vulcan Takes off at NE Aircraft Museum January 9th 2010

Jessie The Jeep

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They are going on about the worst in thirty years. Well thirty years ago I was an Exmoor, one local farnmer, whose daughter I knew, had just had a barn built for winter lambing. this thisng was the ultimate, the MAFF as it then was hade confrences there to show it off. One Saturday, as now, the snow started. By Sunday morning where I was 1500 feet up Dunkery Beacon, it was twenty five feet deep. The roof of the barn fell in and the farmer lost three hundred ewes in lamb! So yes mate, might be a good idea to clear the roof.

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How far off the deck are the front wheels?

Looks about 7/8feet...

could be exciting when it thaws...it'll need propping up sharpish


Yeah I wonder where the balance/tipping point would be if we were to walk along the fuselage towards the nose :)

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The Vulcan has a pile of railway sleepers under the wheel now, so it can't fall back.


Winching it down may be a problem as where do you attach the winch to? The nose leg drag strut was damaged when the aircraft was moved after Nissan bought the original museum site, so they can't put any addition stresses on that part of the aircraft. It is currently standing on an old tennis court, which isn't substantial, so the wheels are also resting on some 1 inch steel plates. To concrete in an anchor to winch and hold the aircraft would need a substantial hole digging, and going through the tennis court with the aircraft hovering above wouldn't be easy, but not impossible. Do they spend a fortune on concrete for a once in 27 years occurance? That's the museums choice. I'm not directly involved, so I don't know the long term plans, other than at present, corrosion is being treated and a repaint is on the cards to protect it for the weather a bit longer until a permanent shelter can be made.


There are plans to have a hangar built over the aircraft, but a large area of ground would need to be prepared with hardcore and concrete first to support the weight, so there has been talk of preparing the ground ahead of the Vulcan, and towing it forwards to the new hangar base, then building the hangar around it.


But for now, the aircraft is safe from further damage, and future plans can be discussed once the snow has gone and it is back on its wheels.

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Is there no posibility of gently removing snow, bit by bit from the back of the a/c so that if falls back in a controlled manner?


I don't think so. Things are melting around here. Try and remove the snow, and chances are, a big chunk is gonna slide off in one go. Also with the aircrafts C of G high above the wheels, even gently removing the snow, it will get to a point where it will start to tip as the C of G passes ahead of the main landing gear, and then nothing it going to stop it from continuing to rotate. It needs the nose lowered in a carefully controlled manner.


The museum are in contact with another Vulcan owner over the safest way to lower the aircraft again.

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