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  1. Thanks Robin, I will make a note of that and add it to my parts available list. Have you any spare wheelnuts?
  2. Hi - so far I have been lucky. I bought the back end of a ferret complete with two wheelstations, and two bevel boxes. Then I was offered a mark 1/2 turret which is correct for the vehicle. The hull is completely stripped and my parts store is slowly building up. I found the brake drums, rear backplates and another 2 parts wheelstations. I have all the propshafts. After finishing stripping the hull out, I freed off all the hatches, and am needle gunning the hull. Its quick and cheap, and I can do in sections. Engine is "soaking". Gearbox not touched yet.
  3. Hi Laurence, I have sent you an email as a reply to one you sent me a few weeks ago, should be in your inbox now . Regards James
  4. Bike is progressing. Also bought a Ferret basket case.
  5. The numbers have also been stamped into the engine casings, and it certainly appears that the Greek government did a professional job of registering the bike into their system. I have been speaking to the family and I have a pic taken in the early 60s. By this point it was leaving the Post office and becoming civilianised.
  6. Yes please ! I am interested, but have not worked out how to send a PM, please can you give me a call ? 07866 367059
  7. Thanks, I am interested in the hub parts, please could you give me a call, number is in first post.  Thanks

  8. I am looking for any Ferret wheel station parts to help get a ferret back on its wheels. I am looking for any parts, NOS or parts you have taken off and kept? As long as they are usable I don't mind work in dismantling, cleaning, blasting etc to get the parts into a usable condition? I also need a coil spring, and an off side engine cover. If I can get these parts together then its a worthwhile project, but the vehicle is borderline parts donor itself. Better if it could be put back together. I am in Derbyshire , but am happy to travel. Here is my wish list: Engine cover ( O/S) Coil spring Wishbones (any) Driveshafts / joints Hub parts (Etc) Brake drums - Brake parts Longer term I am after all the tinny bits that rust, but that's a long way off at the moment. Please let me know what you have and a price . 07866 367059 Thanks
  9. That would all make sense, so maybe the bike was sold as surplus at the end of WW2 , and a batch went to Greece, then the new owners (Greek Post Office) restamped them all, so if this one is number 450 , there may have been a lot over there?
  10. There is a number stamped vertically in the headstock, see picture. Not sure if is on any other W/NG frames? Is that top letter , the letter Sigma, or just a M on its side. Anyone else seen one of these? Bottom mark looks like a crude crown shape?
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