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  1. Dear All, Does anyone have any detail on post WW2 Sherman tanks that were converted to a civil engineering role? The two photographs I attach show typical conversions such as pulling a towed box scraper. Any information would be appreciated. Mick
  2. A few more images of the WW1 piling operations. WW1 RE Piling 4.jfif WW1 RE Piling 3.jfif WW1 RE piling 2.jfif WW1 RE Piling 1.jfif
  3. Dear All, Can anyone throw any light on this Royal Engineer Rail Mounted Piling Rig? Not sure of the date of the image though possibly post WW1? Steam driven and maybe a legacy of WW1 Railway Operating Division. I rescued the original image from a skip at the Royal School of Military Engineering in 1984. Mick
  4. Bill,

    Many thanks for your feedback.  My email address is <micknorton1944@gmail.com>


  5. Shortly after D Day, diesel shunting locos were brought ashore from landing craft on the invasion beaches to aid the RE Railway Operating Companys in their demands for motive power as they began to operate the French railways. I think the dozers towing are Cat D7s? Can anybody throw any light on the trailer carrying the locomotive? Is it track mounted? difficult to see. Mick D Day Sappers bringing locomotive ashore.jfif
  6. Operation Crown Thailand 1967 - Post Crown road. Cat D8H push loading a Euclid motorised scraper in a borrow pit area adjacent to the main alignment. This particular Euclid had been used on Christmas Island as part of Operation Grapple and the H Bomb testing in the late 1950, early 1960s.
  7. Scammell, SMT2 trailer and a Cat dozer in El Adem. Great photograph courtesy of the ACB.
  8. John, Some copies of Terence Cuneo's great paintings covering the Vickers Vigor. Mick
  9. John, First time I've seen the civilian operator's manual. Looks well illustrated. I have the Military equivalent, issued by the Directorate of Royal Engineers Equipment, WO Code No 18395. Tractors, Crawler, Size 1, Vickers Vigor, Angledozer, Hydraulic Vickers, Cable Control Unit, Vickers VGRCU Winch, Single Drum, Vickers VGTW. Contracts 6/P & EQ/23873 & 24334 USER HANDBOOK 1959. Mick
  10. I am new to the HMVF site but might be able to help you with RE dozer data. Mick
  11. This old RB face shovel is working on the construction of the Bukit Bahru Ampitheatre project in Malaya in 1968. The operator is Pete Alexander of 11 Independent Fd Sqn RE who were based at Terendak. Fast forward to 2020 and finding a plant operator to proficiently operate a roped excavator is almost mission impossible. Mick Norton
  12. Richard, That was 9 Independent Parachute Sqn RE. Mick
  13. Dear All, The airportability of the Muirhill A5000 was a big selling point in the 1970s. Mick Norton
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