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  1. Describe the parts as 'Construction Plant Spares', or 'Earthmoving Equipment Spares'.... There shouldn't be a problem as many plant vehicles use similar hub reduction gears...
  2. it could be a UVA Fugitive, apparently they made long wheelbase 4 seater ones, and short wheelbase 2 seater ones. In the USA there was a similar vehicle made called a Chenowth, not sure of its engine though, have a feeling it had a Chevy V8 fitted,......:-\
  3. 1/2 way through the fluid flywheel job now, just need to disconnect fuel pump, then it's engine out!, I'm gonna put all new belts and hoses in, with stainless jubilee clips:goodidea:. The engine bay and engine will get repainted while it's all apart too, :whentitsdone:, it'll look better than new! I have posted a few pics of progress in most recent of my posts, don't worry, I will put up a detailed report of the whole process, when I'm finished, -hopefully by 26th May 2011, hell! :shocking:that's next Thursday!, gotta go!:saluting:
  4. you are a star, Montie.... thanks again! have you had a go at driving yours yet?.........
  5. thanks Montie1... you are the man!
  6. I was thinking of perhaps making up a water tank and fitting instead of the o/s/r bin.... away from the exhaust.... As for my current silencer, I think it'll survive a little longer with a patch-repair, for the time being... i know what you mean about heat there though!... you want to see how hot your left boot gets on a long run!.... especially in hotter climates like yours!.....:shocked:
  7. Ok, thanks Montie, that looks fairly easy/straightforward, i look forward to seeing the 'hanger',... maybe this design could also be adapted, with internal baffles for making new stainless silencers for all the rusty, blowing exhausts there seems to be....:-\:-D, or even slightly narrower,with the filler postitioned so it'll fit, and take up 1/2 the depth of a side bin, so as to still keep a bit of stowage space, (maybe it'll keep beers and sandwiches cool, too! lol!)
  8. Thanks, Montie, mate, -you are a star!... are you able to drive yours around yet?
  9. ...Hmmmm! one of those would make a nice mod to fit my saracen for drinking water, whilst out 'camping'... could you make some measurements, and maybe a drawing, Montie? regards Matt:)
  10. where's the nice looking girls?.... can't see any in these pics,... unless thay are deressed up and made up to look like blokes:undecided:?
  11. such a sorry thing to happen to some very interesting, and in some cases very rare vehicles..... surely the Army could have made more money by selling them off as going concerns, and building heavier 'targets' from scrap ship armour and reinforced concrete.....? That way the targets would last far longer!:-(
  12. i'm certain I helped build this Foden Wrecker, when I worked at CeeJay Systems, Alresford, Hants...:-D
  13. go to it, Montie!... save another of our big beasties!:cool2:
  14. yes Montie!, ...twas I, but now and then the old thing does have a 'hissy-fit', and requires a more delicate touch and some 'magic engine starter spray'............ + batteries have to be very good condition too.....
  15. good info, Montie.... you HAVE been a busy lad!......Thanks....:-D
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