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  1. All bulbs, as an obvious one, ignition coil, and capacitor in distributor (if petrol), starter motor, Dynamo , Control Box+voltage regulator, or alternator.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I tried 1ag fuses, but can't find any of 800mA, the seem to go from 750mA to 1A, etc
  3. Where can I get the really 'tiny' sub-miniature 15mm glass fuses used in Larkspur Control boxes... The one from my 'I' Box has completely disintegrated, so I'm not even sure what rating it should be, I've heard a rumour it could be 0.8 Amp. everywhere I try locally RS/Maplins etc only sell 20mm ones which are too long.
  4. If you can let me have an email address I can send some photos of my gorgeous Saracen APC....
  5. Describe the parts as 'Construction Plant Spares', or 'Earthmoving Equipment Spares'.... There shouldn't be a problem as many plant vehicles use similar hub reduction gears...
  6. Hi....-you know me as I had a little drive in your saracen at 'Overlord' the year before last.... -I'd go with the Ferret for 'manageability' size-wise, but if I was wiping my butt with £50 notes/(money no object), I'd happily use my saracen everyday, (-if I could obtain enough tyres to last my lifetime...)😜😜😉
  7. I believe it could be a Mk2, as I'm sure Mk 2's had RFC too, I've not looked at the photos close enough yet though.... It looks ok from what I can see, but the seller mentions an oil leak,...-which from personal experience can mean a lot of heavy time-consuming work!....
  8. Hi Gary,.... I did all the restoration work required on my particular Saracen, myself with my (now, sadly departed) father watching as I removed the engine using a forklift to replace the Fluid Flywheel, then I had a mate help me to shove the engine back onto the transmission, after having done the flywheel. I had new rigid hydraulic pipes made up to replace the rusted-out ones under the floor/transmission. I had to cut open the fuel tank, to make some repairs where it was rusted. Following this was a complete bare-metal repaint, brake overhaul, followed by some running/adjusting of the
  9. I'm trying to make this Tapatalk thing work.... I can't upload any photos onto it!... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I have a very nice Alvis Saracen, which could be used....-seats face inwards Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Hi Gary,.... Ive owned a Saracen for the last 10 years, so I know a fair amount about them, including all the pitfalls/problem areas, as I've done a fair amount on mine when I restored it.... I'm in Birmingham, which is only a short drive from Telford, over the weekend, and could take a look/maybe a test drive for you.....? ... If you aren't successful on this one, or it turns out to be not a viable proposition, I have another one to look at in London, which could be suitable for you... My email is: oilyboy68@hotmail.co.uk kind regards, Matt
  12. My illustrations are rather poorly copied and very dark.... Where/what does the rounded lower end of the rod rest on in the gear box?
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