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  1. That’s interesting - would explain why I couldn’t find any evidence of sides - just a flat bed welded to the chassis? Any ideas on what the T and wing nut would be for? I assume the presence of a number indicates British army use. I wonder how it was used. Many thanks Martin
  2. I believe mudguards to be a later addition but ...
  3. I acquired this trailer some time ago. been having a closer look and trying to workout what it is! Any thoughts/ideas? For what it’s worth my thinking is British airborne lightweight from dimensions - smaller than 10cwt. Looks like British army number ending ...6772? See photo No 1 Mark 2 as has a rope cleat/ signs of rope cleat on lower chassis Late war (?) from wheel type and and hitch ( resited below original position?) with draw bars. Ive used Rob van Meel’s book, British army transport data book and internet sauces such as Frank Berg and David Gordon’s Visual Co
  4. Hi I’m looking for chain guard, decompression lever, folding foot rests, headlamp support brackets & air filter. cheers
  5. Thank you, I'm going to check it out


    Christian :)


  6. Hi Christian You can get it from here - free to join ( need to sign up) http://www.royalsignals.org.uk/batteries-chargers.html Cheers Martin
  7. Having a clear out of M38A1 bits and bobs. PM if interested. Collection from Southport, Merseyside or can take to Malvern on 17th November
  8. Thought I would post an update on quad restoration. Good to hear quad running again! IMG_1816.MOV
  9. M38a1 wind shield. Please see photos - missing bottom box section but blasted & primed. £20 or swap WW2 British webbing or WHY. Can take to Malvern this weekend. Will not post.
  10. Hi Bob it is the driven plate - thanks for the contact. Much appreciated. Martin
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