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  1. Hi Steve this is the work we do most days. I would not heat the shaft just press it as 4ton will move it as it looks to be 1.25 inch dia.It would take two hour and if it was not the steering you could just press and build it up and turn it down as I posted just cut some old bushes in half for the three points and press it mark the high spot in the lathe beween centres and press. regards mal
  2. Hi Steve I would use two vee blocks and line them with a bronze bush cut in half and I would use a fly press screw type then cheak it between centres in the lathe. if you had an old lath you could split a bush to hold it where it is bent and tap the end true in an old chuck with a large hammer and a brass drift. running the white metal ,smoke the shaft and clay round the holes, tin the housing with solder a jig to hold it in the centre . regards Mal
  3. turn a taper on keysteel (1040)1/3 to 1/2 the lenght ,turn undercuts with a turning tool to make the cutting edge, heat bright red quench in oil makes about ten holes before its worn out cheers mal
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