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Found 12 results

  1. Hi. I have a selection of In Detail books, plus two about the Ferret Scout Car in British Army and Canadian service. Prices and postage are on the attached JPEG but please do message me if you have any queries. Thanks Graham
  2. Hi guys. With Christmas coming, I thought I'd get a flyer up here so you can see what books I have in stock. If anything appeals, do please message me and we can sort out delivery and payment. Alternatively you can buy them on line at www.motorcycleracer.com/gifts as my wife has let me use her website. Cheers, Graham Military books for sale.pdf
  3. Hi guys. I’ve received another batch of brand new “In Detail” books and they are excellent – really enjoying them! The titles I’ve got are as follows: The Saladin in Detail costs £17 The Dingo in Detail is £16 The Ferret in Detail costs £27 The Centurion in Detail Part 1 (Mk3, 5 and 6) costs £24 The Centurion in Detail Part 2 (Mk12, ARV, AVRE-165 +) costs £23 I also have a handful of Pat Ware’s top Ferret book, ‘The FV700 series in British Army Service’, at £69 and one copy of Bill Munro’s ‘Alvis Saracen Family’ at £35. Again, these are brand new. All these prices exclude postage. If you’d like any copies or more info, please PM me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com – and please do let me know which country you’re based in, so I can let you know the cost for postage too. Any questions, do please give me a shout, cheers, Graham
  4. Hi Guys. I have got a few copies of the following ‘In Detail’ books going spare if anyone is interested. The titles I've got are as follows:☺ The Ferret in Detail costs £27The Saladin in Detail costs £17The Dingo in Detail is £16 If there are other titles that you'd be interested in, please do let me know. I also have some copies of Pat Ware’s Ferret book left at £59. All these prices exclude postage and if you’d like any copies or if you have any questions, please message me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com All my best Graham
  5. Hello Forum, I'm looking for inner tubes for my Daimler Dingo, wheel size 7.00 x 18" They need to have the steel angled valves. I've googled, but got lost in Alibaba-offers! Any UK based truck or tractor suppliers ? And YES : those are for the NON-solid tyres 7.00 x 18" wheels. Will need 4 or 5 of them. Hope you can help.
  6. I've recently had a few jeep bits and pieces turn up and in amongst them was this. It looks like a visor to a tank or armoured vehicle can anyone identify it there are stampings on one one of the arms and plate A- 250330 and A-250299 thoughts...
  7. GENTLEMEN, I'm looking into making repro's of the rotating OBSERVER SEAT for the Daimler Dingo. I also assume they are the same for the Ford Lynx Scoutcar. I've taken measurement of a original seat. At this moment I'm trying to source the right materials to reproduce the original seat as close as possible. My plan is to reproduce one seat for my own Daimler Dingo, and make a "kit" for other repro-seats of pre-cut parts (TAMIYA style). So it can be shipped and stored easy, and you can save costs by welding it yourselve together. There is NO obligation to order right now, but I'm just looking how to make this project as economical as possible. So IF you got an interest, please react and then I've got idea of the scale. I can't say anything about the costs, but material prices are the most easy thing to calculate. The costs for milling the notches are more difficult to calculate, also the costs for lasercutting the base and bending the seat-frame. If you wish, you can follow the progress of this project on the public DAIMLER SCOUT CAR SOCIETY on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/4370...37556/?fref=ts The leather seats will be a different project, updates for this follow ASAP. Alternative you can contact me via email : naaficook@hotmail.com (Mods : if listed in the wrong thread, please feel free to move this)
  8. Hello forum! I'm Frederik Loggen from the Netherlands. I'm a keen collector of WW2 militaria for over 25 years, mainly ww2 militaria from the commonwealth. In the collection I've specialised in ww2 rations, tabacco and female commonwealth services uniforms (like WAAF, ATS, WRNS, CWAC, etc.). Some people will know as "Naaficook". I own for over 13 years a 1941 Hillman Utility Mk2a and a Mk5 bicycle. Some years ago I was lucky to find a neglected Mk2 Daimler Dingo in the UK and I've started restoring it this year. The Dingo has been used as a safety-car in the 1960/'70s on the Coventry Bee's speedwaytrack, hence the currently yellow and black striping on it. Unfortunally due to lack of maintenance is suffered some problems in the 70's and was put aside to be "fixed"......what never happenend until today. It suffered severly from storage outside (rotten instruments, floorboards and bins) and a vandalised interior as the rotating commanders seat and some hatchhandles are completely gone! Luckely the hull, engine and chassies are in good condition and dismanteling is in full process and will be completed within a few weeks. I will need lots of help in the future, I will keep you all informed and will post photo's in the future. Happy motoring too you all ! Frederik Loggen (a.k.a. Naaficook)
  9. Several years ago, I owned a Daimler Dingo MK3, F340805 registered GTW 796N. Sadly I sold it in the early 1990s and I have never seen it since. I have checked on a few of the websites but nobody seems to know of it, and I would dearly like to know what happened to it, and whether it is still in the UK. I partcipated in an article and photo shoot with this vehicle on Bordon Camp with about a dozen other vehicles in about 1993 for Classic and Sportscar Magazine. Please let me know if you have seen it. Am I strange in missing my old vehicles or there others out there too!!
  10. Anyone know what vehicle this Sten gun mounting kit would have originally gone with? Assumed either a late service Daimler Scout Car or an early production Ferret since they would have transitioned over to Sterling SMGs and the 10-magazine holder is clearly marked for Sten mags. I've had it unissued in the original cardboard package padded with cotton waste for at least 12 years. No description on the carton and no installation documents or other reference as to how it all goes. Almost all of the parts have an "AF" prefixed part number if that helps to date it.
  11. Does anyone have the Ruddington Catalogues from the sales in the 1960s by any chance? I am trying to build a history file on my Daimler Dingo and would like to track down its sale details. I would imagine it went through the auctions during 1968 when the majority of Dingoes were sold, but I stand to be corrected?
  12. would any of our dutch comrades know where this Dingo is now? we sold it in the mid nineties to a gentleman from Holland who is a flower grower/seller, Would like some pictures of it now if poss. (it was dated 1943,unregistered and had a brand new roof ):tup:: sorry pictures arent brill!!
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