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  1. Thanks for that information everyone! Regards Andrew
  2. Anyone know the weight of a track section or complete track, need to know for shipping.
  3. Wanted, your old used, worn out track pads, wanted for the backing plates. For money of course!
  4. I have 2 new sets of cvrt track that I'm thinking of selling, not sure what they are worth so message me with your offer.
  5. Anyone know how bigger job it is to change a gearbox in the CET?
  6. Will the backing plates be totally flat steel or curled up at the edges like the original plates?
  7. It's the bonding primer that's hard to get, without it it won't work, polymer won't bond to rubber well enough without the primer, I've tried it. A company in U.K. can supply me with the primer but it's £250 for just under a litre, they get it from the states, I've ordered some from the states and it's a lot cheap than that but still expensive. Plus, when the primer comes and say it doesn't work as well as it should then it's been a expensive lesson.
  8. Next week, I will have a go at recapping a cvrt track section, will be interesting to see what it turns out like, will drill holes into the old rubber after I have cleaned up the pad surface, mould will be easy to make, but will want sealing on the track section with silicon maybe so the liquid polymer does not run out before it starts to set, then removed after 24 hrs, then would need testing, my vehicles are put away for the winter so testing would start in spring or I could post the section to someone to try it out.
  9. Sounds good, keep us informed with updates as you get them! Andrew
  10. Any more news on the pads Seb? regards andrew
  11. I've only done full pads at the moment, I did do a test piece by pouring some polymer into a mould sat on top of a old pad that had been cleaned up. It didn't seem to have much hold after it had set. If recapping pads, the old pad needs to be cleaned up really well, then a special primer needs to be applied to the surface before pouring the polymer. I've got some on order from the USA,, cannot find anything similar in this country but I'm sure there will be somewhere. I need to recap some pads and test them properly before making too many and finding there no good. Making a new pad i
  12. Would look a lot better with the black pigment in it.
  13. The other day I made 2 fv430 track pad moulds out of steel, after researching the correct type of polymer rubber to use with a shore hardness of A95, I purchased some. I used an old backing plate with the rubber removed, sand blasted the backing plate to remove all the rust, bolted it in the mould, and poured in the polymer mix. Didn't add any black colouring, as this is just a prototype pad. I put the moulds in a sealed tin and put on top of the radiators for 24 hrs, they were at a constant temperature of 35 c. Thismorning I pressed the pad out of the mould, I was impressed how
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