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  1. I’d be more bothered about fitting a water temperature gauge, easy job.
  2. Engine oil, should this be non detergent? transmission and axles ?
  3. Any part suppliers in UK of M35a2 vehicles?
  4. I'm looking for a m35a2, must be a turbo,
  5. Can these trucks be towed if broken down without causing any damage internally?
  6. As in the title, much be road registered and fairly tidy, also must be a turbo. Andrew
  7. I've made myself a full set, they are doing ok. Time consuming job.
  8. That's exactly what I'd do, will be fine doing that I'd have thought. There even room to connect it up to a oil cooler radiator in the abbot!
  9. I'm very sure the blowers are all the same, if it didn't fit you could send it back, I've had a think, maybe need to be keeping the engine regards andrew
  10. If it is the seals in the scavenger blower, I have a spare one which I know is good
  11. I'm sure the heat exchanger is only really needed under harsh running conditions e.g. Fields and muddy conditions, under normal road conditions it's not really needed, so, if mine started leaking water into the engine oil I would look at bypassing it, and maybe putting cooling fan in front of the radiator. Looking at the size of the heat exchanger, yes it will help cool water, oil, but not that much to make a big difference, that just my thoughts.
  12. Hi Ian, they are £12 each regards andrew
  13. I'm wanting a drivers compartment cover for a sabre, scorpion, (the alloy one) need to extend the drivers hole so people can see the gearchange pedal and controls easier, also for better access. May consider complete cvrt for spares if anyone is breaking one.
  14. Any idea what these sold for?
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