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  1. @ Gordon; your drawings would be intersting...
  2. A postwar model of a Bedford - but still in daily service in Libya's 'Jebel Nefusah' as a water tanker. What type is it? And the tires; are they the typical sandtires as we know them from the LRDG Chevrolets?
  3. There was another WW2 Landrover - to be seen in 'Taxi to Tobruk'
  4. The ultimate Landrover: www.bell-aurens.com
  5. Another one which was resting near Mizdah:
  6. 3. Royal Fusiliers at the Tarhuna training area, wheres Tarhuna Tarhuna is a small city east of Tripoli. Maybe about 100kms. not at the seashore but something landinward.
  7. Here is an Austin Champ in Coefia near Benghazi:
  8. Once it is opened I could provide you some pics of wrecked champs in Libya (never saw an operational one) :cry:
  9. ...most interesting for me would be tha activities of the RAF 'Desert Rescue Team' which was based at el-Adem near tobruk.
  10. Here some pics of the good piece:
  11. Great! Guesss it is since 66 years that a 'Bagnold type sun compass' was on Libyan soil. Fine piece of work. My only problem is that I will now have to reove the roof of my Landrover to have the sun compass propperly working....
  12. Colleagues; I would be very happy, if you could show me some pictures of British vehicles in postwar Libya. Just came to my mind, that there must have been some after the war until the early 1970ies :coffee:
  13. I went through all the pages of this thread. Great! A vehicle with style & character. Thanks for all your postings :-)
  14. Great explanation - thanks a lot!
  15. I knew that I was dving in the wrong area, when I saw the silhouette of a tank. Luckily it was a 'hard target' of a shooting range and more luckily, the soldiers had a day off :sweat: Thought that the pics could be of interest here:
  16. Finally. After a short delay in the shipping - the book is now as well available for Europe & US.
  17. Maybe a strange question: Manufacturer's plate on page 8 of this thread is not written in German language - did they produce in other countries as well?
  18. English: Swiss Army. Close Combat Gun II "Gustav", prototype, 1944. Tank Museum Thun. I am wondering about those two prototypes of a 'Nahkampfkanone" the Swiss built in 1944. Seems something similar as the German "Sturmgeschuetz". Would be interesting to learn some details about - Switzerland was not really famous for its tanks at that time... I remember one of my Grandfather's jokes; when Hitler called the Swiss Genral (we had only one!) and wanted to buy tanks from Switzerland... the reply was:" Only one or all three?"
  19. @ Centi; was that particular 'Koenigstiger' not trasfered to the workshop of the museum of Full-Reuenthal for full restauration last year?
  20. Okokok; I will leave it at the back door. The door frame only broke once within 10 years of having the LR in Libya now. That's ok....
  21. It's one with 4 doors. Thought to place it behind the back door...
  22. Thanks for that link. However, I guess that mounting an add. sparewheel at the side of the vehicle would not really be a good idea. It hinders the view to the back via the mirror. Should better check first...
  23. Difficulty with the badges is that there are many different ones (originals). However, most of those found in the 'market' are -more or less good made- repros. Above looks as it would be an original to me.
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