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  1. No, it is definitely not a Haflinger - this I am sure about
  2. It was actually an event dealing with the 100 years anniversary of Oskar Bider crossing the alps in a Bleriot XI monoplane when I stumbled across this rather strange vehicle. Unfortunately I missed to look out for the owner and ask him what it is. My guess is that it was one of the fruitless events to build an "Europa Jeep" and I think that it might be based on a Volkswagen "Transporter". But I am really not sure about this and hoping now that one of the other members of this forum may know about it...
  3. As I had already explained in another topic - due to political reasons I had to leave Libya in 2010 and have now settled in in Europe again. Much less chance to explore the desert since. But I am still addicted to it - it will probably remain so for my lifetime :-\
  4. Will do, monty2. The sad thing is that I do no longer live in a "sandy environment" and my visits to the desert are fairly limited since I had left Libya some three years ago - such means that the occassions where I come across a wreck in the desert are now much less :-(
  5. Above shown photos are quire a mix from wrecks located in Egypt and in Libya. I guess that they are copied in from another website. As you have said, Rick, in 2009 I -together with Brendan O'Carroll and Roberto Chiarvetto- had published a book called "Incident at Jebel Sherif". It shows in detail the wrecks at said place, three Chevrolet WA 30cwt of the LRDG and the remnants of the Fiat 634N of the "Sahariana". Some years have passed and a new book was published about "Operation Salam". We could not find the famous "Purzel" (Ford F8) which was left in the Gilf Kebir but the route was
  6. ...did anybody start to manufacture further replicas of the Bagnold sun compass since?
  7. A fairly long time since I had visited this forum :-D But nice to see that I was not forgotten since :red:
  8. Did not have the impression that the LR was for sale
  9. Today was the first day. Gather ing of the vehicles. Here some impressions:
  10. Kuno

    Lady be Good

    Had the chance to visit the crash site several times. Still some parts around. Truely desperate landscape - in particular if you have to walk!
  11. Sorry for my late post: This weekend! http://www.convoy.ch/
  12. 600 Military Vehicles from 18 Countries: http://www.convoy.ch/
  13. Unfortunately I do not have it in a readable version. However; I dont't remember that there was an indication to the vehicle itself but only something to the power supply / battery.
  14. I know, it is a few years back - but maybe a new forum member has an idea, what vehicle we have here?
  15. Found it: Prototype 288 Saurer jeep 1980, Model 288. The petrol engine comes from Volvo, the axles from the company Dana. The body is probable from Monteverdi, Binningen. Of it approx. 25 pcs were built. The vehicle was thought as substitution of the Willy' s CJ7 jeep and the Landrover. Then, however, a competitor received the order to supply the vehicles.
  16. THis 4x4? Atually it seems to me as it would be some sort of a prototype by Saurer. It was too big for the Fiat Campagnola. I had a numberplate so I guess somebody was even driving it. But nobody stood near to it so I could not ask about the history of the vehicle.
  17. And some from 2006 (When they had occupied a bigger hangar):
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