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  1. Since it is not far from where I life I took the chance to spend a day at Full. I did not visit the museum halls but only stayed outside. Here some impressions of the vehicles gathered there:
  2. Ok. I did actually not expect that somebody would come over here from UK only because of some old military vehicles...:-D
  3. If I am allowed to express my opinion: It does not seem to me as if the RR got stuck in a soft patch of sand but actually smashed into an excavation on the roadside.
  4. I understood that the LPC used tires which were wider than the normal ones. Are these such tires on above photo or are these the normal ones (they look very narrow anyway...)
  5. ...it seems that I have to try to contact the owner (in the hope that he actually knows, what vehicle he has )
  6. After a break of about 10 years I had attended the show again in 2012. Except the speaker, whom I found an annoyance, it was a really fascinating event - not to forget the static displays in the various buildings. Are there any "new" aircraft this year which were not seen in 2012 (or even not yet seen at all before)?
  7. You mean the Porsche 597 Jagdwagen? No, also not.
  8. Seems to be a wrong link. The two vehicles have actually nothing in common, not even the number of bolts in the wheels...
  9. Before we could start the flight back to Tunis we had to obtain some fuel – too much of it was consumed on the flight to Tozeur due to the very strong winds. About a hundred liters of of car fuel were finally filled into our aircraft and this time the weather was with us. We reached Tunis in time and the ground crew there and also the Tunisian Army were very quick. We crossed the Mediterranean again, then Sardinia and stayed for the night at Bonifacio as we did on the flight to the South. The next day, the weather was once more against us – this time on the southern side of the Alps. T
  10. At Tozeur we placed our aircraft between two Iraqi Airlines Boeing B747 which stand parked at Tozeur since 1991. The next day we left for a tour to the desert in four Toyota Landcruisers. At the first day we experienced a sand wind which limited the sight but left us a good impression on how the desert can be. The second day, the weather was much better and the drive back to Tozeur a bit quicker. Since we were back early, there was a good chance to pay a visit to the Mos Isley Spacecraft Station as most people know it from the movie Star Wars which was partly filmed in Tunisia.
  11. Another movie where such plane had a short appearance: Indiana Jones and the Cristal Skull.
  12. ...but somehow the Russians managed to get it reliable :-X
  13. Cool pics! Great to see something made in the good old fashion compared to all those modern pics done with the aid of computers...
  14. After a long time of planning 12 May was set as the day for “Take Off” to North Africa. The Antonov An-2 was well maintained and prepared and the flight plans approved. But… at midday the decision had to be taken to cancel the flight for today: The weather did not allow us to cross the Alps. A new approach was taken on Monday and the clouds were just high enough to let us cross the pass of St. Gotthard. Down the Ticino valley, passing northern Italy and then to the Island of Corsica where we stayed for the night at the southern port of Bonifacio. The next day we flew over Sardinia and
  15. 600 military vehicles – 300 motorbikes – 30 km parade conducted by 400 historical vehicles – Cavalry squadron demonstrations – Runners of all types of tanks which were in service with the Swiss army will be presented. The website is here: http://www.convoy.ch/
  16. Here the link to their website: http://www.festungsmuseum.ch/custom/html/veranstaltungen/5.militaerfahrzeugtreffen/index.html The meeting will be around the museum which is naturally also well worth a visit...
  17. An impressive display of these famous desert vehicles!
  18. You are right - an interesting subject. Unfortunately there is nothing I could share with you in this regard. I had the chance to visit the citadel in Cairo last year but there is only a part accessible to the public: The military museum a courtyard and the area with the big mosque. All what is built on the lower level (you can look down) gave me the impression that it is not used anymore and in ruins.
  19. ...I did not expect that the identification of this vehicle is that difficult. Unfortunately I have also found nothing about it in the web until present.
  20. Jack; this is really a great project and since it is related to "desert" I will just have to follow it and cannot wait to see the completed vehicle. Please allow me a question at this point: Why a fake door on the drivers side?
  21. These are Time Life photographs of 1943. Showing sites in Tunisia - el-Guettar and Beja (the famous "Tiger grave").
  22. A very interesting place. Had the chance to visit it in February this year. But there was too much snow actually so that we could not visit all the field fortifications. But the vehicles were impressive enough - in particular in the snow :-\
  23. I was looking at the LUAZ 967 - but no, not such LUAZ. I have no clue...
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