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  1. ...something like this. Unfortunately I could not find it shown detailed somewhere in the net.
  2. Colleagues; I own a rather unspectacular vehicle compared to the others presened here in the forum - a Landrover Defender 110 Station. But at least: It's mine and I like it :iloveyou: Thought that one or the other of you here might have knowledge how one could fix sparewheel and Jerrycans to the side of the vehicle (without haveing a special inner- or outer- cage). Is there anything available on the after sales market? Any sketch to be downloaded or a photograph of a good example? Would appreciate your help!
  3. The job is done: http://www.jebelsherif.org
  4. Guess that I was wrong and above b/w picture actually shows one of the LRDG's Ford V8.01 pilot trucks... sorry...
  5. Great piece of modelling work, Manuel!
  6. ...just a small thing; don't name it 'Te Anau I' since the truck with this name was a Chevrolet WA, the older type - better take 'Te Anau II', then it fits.
  7. Better wait for a week or so when it will be available on Ebay - to be sent to Europe as well.
  8. Available in NZ for the time being.
  9. It is by pure accident that I had watched a DvD last night and found this truck. Actually it could be one of the pilot trucks of the type Ford V8.01 (as Clayton's 'Te Rangi') but somehow the nose looks different. Could this be the same type as shown in the wreck pictures?
  10. The type of grille is not a rare one - was quite typical for a certain 'generation' of Fords.
  11. I fear it is not that type. The frontgrille is a different one. --- particular vehicle in your photo is Major Clayton's truck. Photographed just before the famous 'Murzuk Raid'. This truck was captured during the "Incident at Jebel Sherif" by th Italians.
  12. Colleagues; it was back in2003 when friends of mine found shown wreckage of a Ford in the Libyan Desert near Jebel Uwenat. Unfortunately - for me- their main interest was not such wreckages but rock-paintings of the period of some thousands years back... Again unfortunately, until today nobody could tell me the type (and the owner) of this vehicle. Not in any of the fora I posted it before I found this place here. May I ask the same question again to you: Does anybody know this Ford?
  13. Manuel; the French Chevrolet has only used the same truck as a basis. But the loading bay is completely different and as well the modifications on the front part are different. Would say that you cannot change it any more without doing major re-work.
  14. If you want to build a Chevrolet of the "Colonne Leclerc", those chaps who came up from Chad, once - I cold help you...
  15. Manuel, that's unfortunately the best one I found in regard of the pole for the gun on the loading bay:
  16. Manuel; Jack is quite often 'on the road' so his answer may come not that quick as you would wish. But I guess that he will be fascinated by your work as me - and obviously many others here in the forum!
  17. Manuel; here the front of such Chevy. Could help you to find out, if the mudguards of your model have to be widened or not....
  18. Manuel; whilst I admit that your tires are not the typical ones used by the LRDG - they areactually not thaaaaat wrong. Once they havd received the first batch of purpose built trucks from Canada, they were equiped with such type of tire. Unfortunately those tires were everything else than good and burst easily so that several missions had to be stopped and the patrols were forced to return to base to get new tires. Attached a picture:
  19. Manuel; check the mounting of your Lewis gun:
  20. Don't take it as an offence, Manuel. As I said, I only know the older Chevy models. But you may contact Jack Vaenti from www.lrdg.org - he has a rebuilt one of the same type you just presented here.
  21. Wow! More than impressive!
  22. Manuel; what do you mean, if you say that you want to build the 'sting of the desert' (you can also post me a PM in German language...) Some links are these: www.lrdg.de www.lrdg.org ...and I cannot avoid to put this one as well www.jebelsherif.org
  23. Manuel; what you are doing is really MODELLING (I can hardly manage to glue plastic parts together...). Fascinating! Please allow me the remark that due to the type of tires used by the LRDG, the mudguards had to be widened by inserting a parallel strip of metal. Cannot tell you now how much it was but I recal somehow that for the older type of Chevrolet (the WA) it was about 11 cm.
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