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  1. FORD WOT2 15cwt This little truck appeared once in front of the restaurant next to the fuel station at AGEDABIA. The owner of that retaurant obviously wanted it to attract people. In the meantime he has either recognized, that the truck has no effect to the visitors of the restaurant or that he can make more money with the scrap iron; the truck is not there any more...
  2. The LBG Story is a quite sad one. Understandable that the USAAF has removed parts for testing after the plane was discovered. In 1994 (or was it 1995) the Dept. of Antiquities has transported what was left to TOBRUK to prevent the wreckage from further looting. However; once stored in a yard in the middle of the town, nothing happened any more for years. Only a few weeks ago a colleague addressed to me, telling that it has been moved again - this time to the EL ADEM AFB. Cannot say why and if this has really happened for the moment. --- Recently a made an appeal - or something like tha
  3. Don't know - they are next to a military compound and actually I was not allowed to go near but could only take this shot from far. Cannot say if engine, gearbox etc. are still available or if its only the hull...
  4. @ Richard; remember it was this AEC Militant:
  5. These are three wrecks of Daimler Armoured Cars in Libya. Although they are located in an area where they were employed in the beginning of 1943, shortly before the capture of Tripoli, I do not believe that they are actual "desert war wrecks". It is more likely that they were in use by postwar British forces occupying the country or even that they were driven by the later Libyan army...
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! What makes me interested in the Desert War? Since I live in the area where it took place and since I like travelling the area it was hardly possible to avoid to come across the traces of the Desert Campaign. And "yes" - the people in MLU have already helped a lot in matters of identifying vehicle wrecks!
  7. Was asked by the boss to introduce myself... Found this forum accidentally and since I was mentioned in one of the threads, I thought it mit be good to participate a little bit. Actually I am not restoring old vehicles - ok; I own an LR.110 which ensures the workshop a good income and has the bad habit to refuse work in the middle of the desert. My interest in old vehicles is based on the interest on the Desert War of WW2. Since many years I am running behind the traces of this campaign and -seldom enough- have the luck to fnd one of the wrecked vehicles as a witness of that past
  8. @ SAS Pinkie; thanks for sharing the pics. Is it correct that on pic 4 there is a suncompass mounted on the dashboard. Are -were- they still in use with this version of the vehicle or did you just add it? Would it be possible to show some details of this instrument?
  9. Above picture is another Chevrolet-wreck. A french one of 1942. And for those who might be interested in the mentioned book: http://www.afrika-korps.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4900
  10. Hi; I am that "Kuno" mentioned above. Found this forum just by accident... I know about the dispute to preserve wrecks in a museum or to leave them where they are. My opinion is that it depends about the circumstances. Sometimes it might be better to transfer them to a museum but sometimes - and this is the case for Jebel Sherif- I would prefer to consider the whole zone as something like an open-air museum. The wrecks in a museum, even worse: restored, would be without any value. Rebuilt trucks can bee seen for example at exhibitions where the "British Desert Raiders" take part. T
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