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  1. Hi Marty; no, it is not my family who runs that museum. I am just living in the neighborhood. The museum is maintaied by an association.
  2. Historical displays of various groups (which as far as I know are not an integrated part of the museum):
  3. There were as well vehicles on display in front of the museum (which is located in the buildings of a abandoned chemical factory). Some of those vehicles belong to the museum, others wer presented by private persons:
  4. I have added the captions on top as good as I could. In fact, each vehicle has a plate in front of it, giving the principal data and the history of the particular vehicle.
  5. Here the link to the website of this "double museum" and some photographs I had the chance to take today. The occassion was the official opening of an additional hall where tanks, guns and trucks are displayed. The photos are actually only dealing with this particular hall and not wth the other exhibitions of the museum. That's the link: http://www.festungsmuseum.ch/xml_2/internet/de/intro.cfm Captions from top to down (as good as I know them): 1) Saurer 8x8 truck 2) OTM? Chech postwar copy of the German SdKfz.152 3) Row of Swiss tanks - Pz61 and Pz68 at the end a Centurion
  6. Many thanks for clarification, Richard.
  7. There should be no mines near that truck - it is in a quarry and just next to the main road.
  8. I remember that it was a steel body. So an OYD then?
  9. ...maybe somebody knows the precise designation of this truck?
  10. I thought that i would be time t load up some pictures of a truck wreck in Libya again. Took my photographs nearly ten years ago but these days a colleague of mine was there as well. Seems that nobody has touched the truck within these years...
  11. Here -not the best- picture of the truck as it was found in the desert:
  12. ...actually not :-( Could not really travel :embarrassed:
  13. This truck is the same one as on Jaap's pic above - it only got a new layer of paint.
  14. Egypt / El-Alamein Museum, the Discovery of the CMP Ford F60L There are stories going around telling about the dicovery of the CMP Ford F60L which is displayed at the museum at el-Alamein. Here is the one which is explaining how it actually happened: (Translated from German): “We found the truck in December 1993 but we kept the information about the location with us. Later on, it was provided to the Egyptian military by Mr. X.Y.. The Egyptin military went there then in the second half of 1996 to pick up the truck and to bring it to the museum of el-Alamein. The most important reason fo
  15. Sorry. Was 'off duty' for some time....
  16. ...if such information plates would be placed somehow BESIDE the vehicle instead of ON it, then also the 'more casual onlooker' could get some nice photographs ;-)
  17. Kuno

    Happy 2010!

    ...I must admit that the picture was taken on an August morning and not in December :-)
  18. What I don't like in the museums: If the place a big white information plate on the particular vehicle. It destroys each photo :-(
  19. Kuno

    Happy 2010!

    All the best to all of you! [/size]
  20. I guess that most of you won't understand the language - then at least enjoy the pictures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0xA2yMjXVQ
  21. NAVIGATE THE DELLS ON A DUCK Duck tours are one of Wisconsin’s most-loved attractions. Original Wisconsin Ducks has been navigating the land and water here for more than 57 years. With 90 vehicles, we are the largest fleet of tour ducks in the nation. Our top-notch Duck drivers serve up a novel tour mix including a bit of Wisconsin geology, a dash of world history and, of course, a hefty helping of good, old-fashioned Midwest humor. 90!
  22. Kuno

    WW1 Peugeot

    Fascinating! Take a lot of photos and compare they then with the restored truck in an exhibition!!!
  23. What make is the truck with the 'red cross box'?
  24. Thanks for that information, Richard.
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