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  1. the MK7 did not get delivered until 1952 with a fibreglass dish
  2. google peter crichton auctioneers castle camps auction
  3. like most of the stuff in that auction £80 a ton the hippo is nice though
  4. 4.30 this afternoon 3 jeeps, Bedford MW and a really nice K2 ambulance A120 ramsey harwich bound and they were not hanging about
  5. i want the one going through hereford town center mid afternoon 24/10/14, blues and twos, soldier one up, in town for the cameron auction cannot believe that was 4 years ago
  6. Essex fire brigades pinzgauer 6x6 yes i know its not military ended up on its side last night outside the crown pub in stoke by nayland suffolk on its way to a field fire from its base at manningtree essex i know theres a few about some converted to campers the old COG has its way in the end
  7. the dodge on milweb is mine nice vehicle thought of ringing the wings over they are much better than the ones on our command car, had lots of interest nobody has actually viewed it yet, but with the usual storage problems something has to go we have a hotchkiss advertised as well ,one has to go i would like to keep the dodge but the hotchkiss slipped out of top a few hours before the first viewing so it looks like it might be staying a while
  8. chilling out after barby glass of wine and then the roar behind me a spitfire very low maybe 10 mins ago took me that long around this website and still in the wrong place never mind great sound ramsey essex
  9. 10 mins ago sitting on patio with glass of wind the wife says look at that little red tank could not see through the trees that well but "the little red tank " looked like a sherman in red oxide on an arctic on the A120 heading into harwich
  10. chris i am completely lost and computer illiterate and whats a tag and what do you do with it i dont even know if this is in the right place any help is of course appreciated
  11. the wc51 has turned up from france well pleased very original but i need a tail board, a glove box lid, and a steering wheel center cap, hood frame or just corner brackets also a used canvas i would be really pleased with a used canvas scruffy tatty good prices paid
  12. i contacted the vendor of the MW in ipswich £8000 would happily bought it over the phone the guy was a gentleman said he had somebody coming that morning if it did not sell he would let me know obviously it sold simples nice matador on milweb shame about the price it aint got one
  13. sorry mike i did not mean recover the number i just meant it could go on the road again and if the old number has not been reassigned you may get it back but it would not be transferable
  14. i bought this morning a wc51 weapons carrier off milweb the guy wanted 7k i gave him 7k no mucking about he dont know what its worth ? i am too busy to get in long conversations trying to find out how much somebody wants for something there is an old saying in the traveller community CANT BE BUYER AND SELLER
  15. just ring them up and tell the truth its a mistake it was not scrapped
  16. a lot of those trucks are shiptons recovery or ex shiptons and they are based at a rural location foston DE65 5PX looks like a memorial to me
  17. i am sure it was one of these that sold in the basil southgate collection recently there was also a military new/recon crated engine in the sale 711M block it was reputed to be ex RN but their listing calls it a WESSEX is there a connection wessex/dorset
  18. here we go again whats a screenshot is that what models do for a portfolio i googled it and it said something about data on the screen and i have also never heard of the condense button or expanded. once again people of a slightly younger era assume everybody is computer literate bit like i cannot walk around talking to a phone in my ear
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