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  1. Give us a clue if we knew where it was, we might know what was parked there,interesting how the plates are different sizes not designed for all being taken up at the same time, looks like a jacking system
  2. The only thing with dyeing is everything gets dyed, that is why what would be the black areas loses its definition the one in the picture was probably a desert one so black should mean the darker brown
  3. It used to be common place to dye these in different colours, in batches for the fashion trade, many were sold at camden lock market in London, Peter wing sent hundreds to the dyers any badges were sewn on after by his many machinists
  4. The educated gentleman talking to Piers Morgan condones it and reckons they were all war criminals THIS COUNTRY IS FINISHED
  5. I have a mint, show condition M38A1 NEKAF FOR SALE her indoors says i have too many toys,and we do need the space i am .looking for £14,000 any interest come and have a look and try to find fault and make an offer ,might consider trade up or down with military vehicle, yes i know but dont tell her indoors.It is locked away at the moment, road ready taxed and insured,if interested i could roll it out for photos,just dont want to get it dirty or wet. any questions give us a call on 07890 736032 Mo
  6. And what about the dragon wagon plus sherman can you imagine a dragon wagon pulling in to a vosa testing station
  7. We have all seen the Diamond T, Rogers trailer with a Sherman on the back so is that a fixed load or is it plated and tested
  8. Check out gumtree suffolk other vehicles there is a real nice A series based one 3 litre ford engine £2500 ono the map shows it at bentwaters
  9. Its got three rope hooks along the body,a straight door and a short front wing its an 86"
  10. I know somebody on the forum was restoring a matey just thought it might be of interest, and somebody else has a military recon engine on ebay £950
  11. That was an obvious joke, the vendor states it was used to pull 5 ton trailers about in the war at chatham dockyard and with a thick wall ford 711M 1300 block in it from new i doubt it, maybe he meant the gulf war. anyway it looks really tidy and your neck of the woods
  12. looks a really tidy fwm matey naval dockyard truck just gone on gumtree faversham kent £1250 used in ww2?
  13. who cares about missspeling and missplacing inverted commas , i just said whats this new trend of starting with SO
  14. has anybody noticed this new phenomenon of starting a statement or sentence with SO
  15. so it should have 3 piece rims all round not 2 piece split rims on rear
  16. had a plant fitter friend pull out a hotchkiss M201 engine fit a clutch and some other bits he said the prop UJs were worn, i said i will get some he said no i have done it they are the same as transit ESSEX BEARINGS hall road heybridge maldon cm9 4ne
  17. i will have to ring gavin see if he has any more 12 grand airbourne jeeps
  18. great little event, but it happens so quick, by the time you buy a couple of bits have a bacon roll its all over, ok getting there leave 4am just getting back sunday afternoon on the M25 nightmare 300 mile round trip
  19. and of course the other piece of junk the DE LOREAN
  20. google V6 PRV engine it was fitted to volvos, peugeots and renaults it was very problematic
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