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  1. Will try to get some pictures of it Craig
  2. The RB 44 I have is a petrol variant 1980 registration w reg says only one charge to pay regarding the ulez think it's about £15 a day ,?
  3. Don't know the exact year but it's a w reg 1980 era ?
  4. They made the RB 44 in a petrol variant it was a Ford A series had the transit mk2 cab these was mostly around in the 1980s .
  5. The RB 44 in question is actually a petrol engine vehicle pre 1980s can't get no clear information on this was just curious if it's compliant or not I'm guessing not due to age no doubts ?
  6. Has anyone had issues trying to see if RB 44 trucks are Ulez compliant the tfl website doesn't reconise these Older generation trucks
  7. anybody breaking a rb44 petrol
  8. hello dos anybody know anyone selling a ex utility rb44 mk 1 crewcab variant its the very early ford a series style cab with a petrol engine auto gearbox southern electric had them years ago in that karky green colour private message me if anyboys knows one for sale that is all complete & in running order prefrence to a rb44 with a front mounted hydraulic winch & crewcab has to be the ford a series version not a fire engine its completely diffrent thanks in advance picture is for information of what im looking for thanyou..
  9. the fire engine varients had a rangerover v8 fitted same as wot was in the ldv ambos bitd ldv4000 think they was with the same 3 speed auto box they also did a 3 litre v6 essex ford engine for the utility companies ie seb etc these trucks are like rocking horse shit cant get no spares for love nor money moreso hard to find any groups or collectors that has these type anymore ...../
  10. ramsey electric winch for sale spares repairs been stood a few years will need a full strip down service overhaul heavy duty type ideal for a landrover or any ex mod recovery vehicle £300 buys its sold as seen collection is london private message me if any intrest no time wasters please thankyou ...
  11. is there anybody that collects these trucks or has spare parts for this particular brand dos anybody know ?
  12. thats awesome sen a few of these rb44 fire tenders rare as hens teeth think they had the range rover v8 fitted in them beast of a tyruck think they weigh in at around 6 ton not including the water tanks & all the kit on board aswell
  13. will this apply to rb44s aswell or special purpose built vehicles moreso ?
  14. hello all im joetow from london i have a keen intrest on the rb44 mk1 the ford a series chassis cab varient if anybody on here can point me in the right direction for help / advice / forums that would be most helpful kind regards joetow .....
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