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  1. Thanks for that Gordon I might get in touch with the seller
  2. I had not thought of that but I think I may have a solution to all my problems I have located a complete running engine , The only problem is that it is a reverse rotation engine but I think that by crossing the belts it will get me up and running
  3. Hi , Yes i have contacted both of these with no luck , I am looking now to have my mag repaired but the cap is broken and I can not find another one , There are some magnetos on Evilbay but not two cylinder ones,
  4. Hi to every one on HMVF , I am currently restoring one of these compressor trailers and it is going very well apart from the fact that the Magneto is seized up , It is a Wipac A Series Two Cylinder Magneto on a Petter PA2 Engine , The engine appears to be in good fetel and so does the compressor and the trailer , It is proving very difficult to source either a Magneto or another Petter PA2 that is in good order , Maybe someone knows of something that will help , I will post some pictures later in the week , Paul.
  5. Hi This is a question about the manifold nuts on my Morris Commercial C8 , I need a couple of long brass nuts that hold the manifold on as one on my Morris is badly distorted I can buy some quite easily but I need to know the thread size UNF , UNC , BSF I have no idea , If anyone can shed some light on this I will be very grateful , Paul.
  6. I would like to thank all those that attended Hunstanton Military Weekend last Saturday and Sunday , The event was a great success raising over £3000 for the Veterans of Normandy and the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund , The entertainers did a really good job as did all the people raising money around the event , Thanks also to the Norfolk Military Vehicle Club for their support and the various exhibitors , I will post the dates for next year as soon as they have been finalised . Paul.
  7. I have got a 1945 Canadian Chevrolet in Very original condition , In the rear under the canvas and totally invisible is a proper two berth caravan with full cooker and fridge , Wash room at the front , LED lighting and gas night heater also onboard water tank . The tailboard becomes a covered patio area , If you want more details pm me, Paul
  8. The July Hunstanton Military Weekend raised a fantastic £4000 This total was made up of money raised by people climbing aboard the DUKW and going inside the FV 432 Also from poppy sales and a really big tombola and contributions from traders and stalls and of course the many collection buckets around the event ,Again I must thank all those that supported the event and look forward to seeing you all at the September do , Also anyone else that would like to come
  9. Hi to all on the forum , This is a question about tyre size , Would 10 x 20 bar grip tyres be ok on the front of a Chevrolet C60L that was originally fitted with 10,50 x 20 tyres
  10. Well our first Military Weekend at Hunstanton Norfolk has been successfully conclude so as one of the organizers I would like to thank all of you that attended one or more days , The weekend was a great success , I must give a special thank you to Harold Payne of the Anglia Motel Fleet Hargate for bringing so much of his Military collection including his newly restored DUKW and his 432 pulling a Russian anti aircraft gun that was liberated from the Iraq forces in the Gulf war and the Veterans that were in attendance . Also I would like to thank the many members of the Norfolk Military Vehicle
  11. Hi Everyone Thanks for all the replies , For the Chevrolet CMP I still think I need Bar Grips . There is an American site on ebay selling Ex Military bar grips that look the part and they are NOS the make is Titan but I am trying to find out how much it will cost to ship them back here , Perhaps on a pallet , Paul
  12. Hi MatchFuzee I had not seen them but to be honest they would not look very good on the Chev , I was hoping someone was going to have some Bar Grips made but I have not heard anything , I did see some on American ebay but I think it would cost an arm and leg to ship them here, Paul
  13. Hi , I know this subject has been on here before but i have to ask , Has anyone found a source of either 10.5 x 20 Bar grip tyres or 11 X 20 Bar grips , I am still looking for three for my Chevrolet C60L Any lead would be appreciated , Paul
  14. Hi , I have got a Chevrolet C60L 1945 this is a Historic Vehicle so it is free road tax and MOT exempt yours should be the same , Use the exemption form V112 , Paul
  15. Thanks for the information , I have ordered a manual , Paul
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