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  1. as i said some of us old folk 68years are not that computer literate a lot of words have been hijacked and now have different meanings all my school years i was taught in imperial measurement they threw me out and changed to metric measurement but i know how many pennies are in a pound and dont cross my sevens and the middle is the center
  2. why does everybody who is computer literate presume everybody else is computer literate i have read this load of gobbledegook four times and am none the wiser and whats a default i thought a default was some kind of penalty
  3. i keep clicking an the logo nothing happens
  4. your not the only one wheres the instructions come back all is forgiven
  5. when i had my gt200 the place to go was drummond st for a genuine us parka there was some excellent little surplus shops then a bigger shop opened on the corner with hampstead road handy for me i worked for w e humpherys serving up spares for vincents HRD remember them:shocked:
  6. you have me thinking now there was also a surplus warehouse in a cul de sac next to angel station islington off city road:undecided:
  7. [got anymore clues sounds a bit like the warehouse in new north road. south side of the canal. putting it in hackney full of surplus for many years belonged to one of the prominent dealers:undecided:
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