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Colour photo of British Vehicle ready for D-Day

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I saw this photo in IWM collection and wondered what vehicle type it was behind the Jeep, as I can never tell with a Leyland, Thorneycroft or Karrier 6x4 types from another.

From the markings I doubt it was in 9th AF / USAAF service.  Also is that colour SC.15.


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1 hour ago, LarryH57 said:

Can anyone hazard a guess whether the Leyland is painted in British Olive Drab SC.15 ?

Later production Leyland Retriever post mid 1940 but before 1941. 

As for the colour it's not an easy one to answer looking at the tone of the sky and the also the tyres on the vehicles it looks like the film used (may be Kodack if it's a US camera man) is more weighted to the blue end of the spectrum  so any green hues will not reproduce accurately. 

The Leyland would have come off the production line in G3 having said that it does appear to be a similar shade to the jeep.


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