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White Scout Car in British use, NWE 1944

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Hi All,

looking for pointers on whatever mods\configs were made to the WSC when in British use, especially for NW Europe in 1944. Have had a look around the forum and can't find anything definitive? Ideally, if anyone's got a pointer to a book, or file at the National Archives etc. which covers this topic I'd be most interested to hear of it.

I can see from period pics that in some instances the skate rail was removed completely, Pip Roberts Command version of the WSC being a good example. Incidentally does anyone know the full Census number for Roberts WSC, from the famous pic it looks to be Z 495533? Anyone confirm or deny?



Also, what radios other than the WS 19 would Roberts have had in the back of his WSC. The following bit of film shows several attennae...and a spare wheel on the back. Any ideas?



Also, any info on the WSC in RE use? I think they also used them in the Recce / Radio role and I have a note from the RE office who scouted the Bailey bridge build for Putanges in 1944. His diary notes that he took two WSC's with him and left one on the hill outside of town as his rear radio link. Anyone aware of anything specific about RE configurations of the WSC?


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The WSC in use with Phantom GHQ Liaison Regiment is known to have been fitted with the WS22, WS9 (Canadian) and WS52.

I have a WS9 Canadian fitted in mine to represent a patrol vehicle of "A" Squadron in NWE between June and September 44.

Phantom retained the Skate Rail on their vehicles and those attached to American units mounted the 50 cal.


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These have lost their rear bumper as well as other mods - spare wheel and cans (IWM B 8148 and BU 1418):




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Thanks for those pics, some of them I've seen already but a few I have not, so all very useful. Thanks for taking the time to post them. I've found some images of an Airborne Configuration for the WSC which I shall attach here, as a means of keeping all this info together for others, alongside another photo of a British WSC in Normandy...

I think my next port of call will be Bovington to see what info they have on Pip Roberts WSC.



WSC - In Normandy.jpg

Airborne-1 - WSC - m3a1-cover-pic.jpg

Airborne-2 - WSC - rear-and-side-view-of-modified-vehicle.jpg

Airborne-3 - WSC - document-showing-the-additional-wireless-sets-in-the-m3-scout-car.jpg

Airborne-4 - WSC - document-showing-the-interior-modifications-to-the-m3-scout-car-for-airborne-use.jpg

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