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  1. Hi, Does anyone know who is running this in 2018, since Military world ltd has been disolved in Aug 2016?
  2. Hi, A question, I am with Adrian Flux which require a Motor Engineers report on vlaue to exceed £15,000 areed valur. This limit is quite common and has not gone up with inflation, does anyone know of other incurance compies for MV's that only require say a dealer like Rex Ward evalution rather than having to A) find a motor engineer that deals with MV's B) having to pay the £150+ each year as the value keeps increasing? Cheers Paul
  3. The helmet wore by dispatch riders were of the same shape as para's but hav properly chin straps to hold it on the head (this 'type' shape helmet was also worn by recce assualt troups)
  4. HI, I have a White Scout car and have been told that it uses the same spliut froint axle as a Jimmy, my question is on the stering knuckle bearings you reaplaced was there a thrush washer under each bearing? as I seem to have 'lost' any space for the shims to be able to be placed back to preload and I have a feeling the Greek army when replacing the bearings back in the 70's 'lost the spacers' on replacement. Cheers Paul
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