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  1. Scammell Crusader and another Scammell on a low loader going clockwise on the M25 at Junction 17 on Saturday 17 January.
  2. I'm sure in the early years they were included in certain editions. May be worth dropping the Editor a line in case there is anyone in house who can help with your request.
  3. Just logged onto the iPlayer to have another look and got the attached screengrab. Think we can say that it is indeed an AEC Militant. Well worth a look at the beach scene on episode 5 about 39 minutes in for anyone interested.
  4. Anyone spot the AEC Militant cab which was near to an explosion on the beach scene from two episodes ago? A shame as they did manage to get some of the period vehicles correct.
  5. Great to see and hear that the Militant has had a good first road-run. Really interesting to see this project continuing to come together.
  6. Really good to see progression on this interesting vehicle. I continue to follow it with admiration and look forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for providing the updates and pictures.
  7. Spotted the Dodge Command Car heading back up the M40 on a trailer on Sunday afternoon. It has already been listed on Milweb!
  8. Yep that's Nikki, along with his newly finished living van with patio, and as has been pointed out he is on his way to Llandudno.
  9. What looked like a German WW2 lorry being transported up the M40 last Sunday morning. Looked to be authentic but was wondering if may have been made up for a movie.
  10. Welcome to the club! There is a good Facebook group with a lot of knowledgeable people on it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gipsy.club/ Scott
  11. Interestingly, well it was to me, two of the museum exhibits appeared on Mega Shippers - Million Pound Movers last week with the moving of the Churchill and Sherman from outside ready for restoration.
  12. While in attendance at Rempstone Steam Rally the weekend before last I came across this interesting 1913 Chataignier & Croad roller, which is of French construction but using British parts, and worked in St Etienne. Now the owner had a story that it was used during the First World War before being put back into public use in the inter war years. When France was overrun at the start of the Second World War it was captured and used by the Germans with insignia being found on the coal tender to suggest this. Finally it fell into American hands and was eventually left behind in Holland from where it was purchased. Thought it may be of interest to those on here.
  13. Had four days on site this year, thought that vehicle numbers had increased from last year ( look how many were in Medway) and stall numbers were around the same as 2017 - if you remember there was a large gap at the end far end then as well. For me Thursday and Friday felt a bit like the old W&P with good turnouts in the arena, a large number of people watching from the bank, and general good fun with friends both during the day and night. Everyone will have a different opinion, and yes it will probably never be quite like the old show, but the move back to the Hop Farm has certainly saved the show IMO. No matter what gripes people have come the start of July next year we shall all be looking forward to it once again.
  14. Spotted a CMP, which looked like it was part the way through a restoration, on the back of a lorry near Junction 18 of the M25 last Monday - 25 June.
  15. Nice to chat to you today Jeremy. The MW looked as good in the flesh as it has done online. Trust that you had a hassle free journey home. Scott
  16. Spotted this one in Northern France last year at the Pas de Calais Libere event that is held at Souchez each year. Scott
  17. A lovely piece of workmanship - which you should be very proud of. Have followed this one from the start and certainly a favourite of mine given the time period it relates to. Top work!
  18. Hi Steve, yes I perhaps should have explained better. Any servicemen who died up to 31 December 1947 would be recorded on the CWGC database - and receive a CWGC headstone. I was referring to the fact that if it was a civilian doctor who died, as Larry stated may have been a possibility, then he wouldn't be commemorated as he didn't die as a result of enemy action. Thanks, Scott
  19. Hi John, no it would have been very unlikely that the deceased would've been flown home - they would have been buried close to where they died. Even after the end of the war. That is correct Ted. The CWGC care for those on the Falklands on an agency basis. There is a chance of this, and as they wouldn't have died of enemy action then they wouldn't be in the CWGC database. However given the high military presence in the photo I'd guess that they must have been serving. I plumped for the Commonwealth casualties due to the Union Jack on the coffin. Scott
  20. I've been wondering if we could narrow it down as to who this makeshift hearse could be for. Looking on the CWGC casualty database for known burials in the Happy Valley area of Hong Kong it draws up the following Commonwealth casualties who died in 1945/46: https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/2815624/sher-muhammad,-/ https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/2815585/weill,-leon/ https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/2815586/desai,-/ https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/75196091/husain-ishaq,-/ https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/2815645/mcdonough,-albert-edward/ One of the above is a member of the Royal Indian Air Force, could it be him? I could of course be just clutching at straws and the casualty could have been buried elsewhere in Hong Kong.
  21. Spotted this nice load on the M25 on Monday afternoon - I presume it was heading back from Mons. Meanwhile about 7am last Thursday spotted two halftracks on the back of a low loader heading south - think they must have been on the way to Belgium.
  22. GMC and Scammell Pioneer on the back of a lowloader heading south this morning on the M5 around junction 21. Looked very nice.
  23. Was only able to do today (unlike the regular five), but it was certainly good to be 'home'. A greater number of vehicles, more stalls (regulars returning) and the feel of old. Roadways were very wet this morning but as soon as the sun came out they started to dry and were baked by the close of day. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the show.
  24. You can follow some of the build-up via the W&PR Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/warandpeacerevival/?hl=en I agree though, back in the day it was great to see the live updates of the build-up.
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