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  1. Richard Farrant

    found this in the woods-what is it?

    The back axle would have been smashed to get the bronze wheel out for scrap.
  2. Richard Farrant

    found this in the woods-what is it?

    I would say it was the remains of a Standard Fordson tractor. The wheel centres are cast in with Dunlop on them.
  3. Richard Farrant

    S26 Scammel part needed assp

    Mike, It was a Clayton Dewandre design and then the company was incorporated into Bendix, Westinghouse (WABCO) and I think now Knorr Bremse
  4. The photo in the following link will show you more of Aussie heavy haulage trailer configuration. https://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/wide-load-tips-turning-corner-in-small-town/3620245/#/3
  5. Richard Farrant

    S26 Scammel part needed assp

    Thanks Mark ...................... I won't hold my breath on the Knighthood though πŸ™‚
  6. Richard Farrant

    S26 Scammel part needed assp

    Hi Mark, The part number for the valve is on the tag, it is APSA2878, which is a Wabco or Bendix part number. Repair kits were avaialble for these valves and they were used on other Leyland commercials. Try a motor factors that deals with HGV's or a DAF dealership. regards, Richard
  7. Richard Farrant

    Mobile Laundry's, Mobile Baths and more

    Hi Rob, A few years back, Mike Cecil who at one time worked at the Australian War Memorial, wrote an article for a magazine that I am editor of, on mobile laundries used by the Australian forces. See link below, https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/494429_d2e08b1015ea42e6810ca4b0ac9693bd.pdf The article is the copyright of Mike Cecil. There was a follow up article from Mike on light laundry trailers which is not on the web, but if you send me a Private Message on this forum, with your email address I can send it to you. regards, Richard
  8. Richard Farrant

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    Looks good !
  9. You will find it better to fit the engine in before fitting the tank and I recollect that the trunnions on the transfer box will have to be removed first as well.
  10. Richard Farrant

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Hi Iain, There was an incident in 2007 in the suburbs of Sydney, with (I think from memory) a privately owned FV432, see this link below, he destroyed mobile phone masts, etc. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/6898667.stm
  11. Richard Farrant

    My Plant Pics

    They look like M35 Eager Beavers, made by several manufacturers I think including AMG and Kaiser
  12. Richard Farrant

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    That is in the Overloon museum. There was an airportable at Beltring a few years ago (just before W&P moved to Folkestone) and the owner split it, might have a photo somewhere.
  13. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    I was wondering how they changed gear, but guess a low gear was selected manually before the remote took over and this was just an exercise to test the basics of remote control. I agree with you on MV Magazine, I still have all the back copies, good reference material in them and enjoyable reading (unlike the one in WH Smiths now). Thanks Clive.
  14. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    It was the mirror and rear canopy that gave it away
  15. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    Wow! It’s been quite a while since it got one correct!! i am going for a wild guess that the Vehicle is a Humber 1 ton
  16. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    Remote controlled vehicle?
  17. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    OK, it looks like a 15cwt truck possibly a Bedford MW with an infra red vision aparatus for the driver (it is in front of the driver's position), Cats Eye?
  18. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    OK, earlier than I thought.
  19. Richard Farrant

    Mystery Object No. 204

    Hi Clive, It looks to be something to do with night vision, dark noise ............?
  20. Richard Farrant

    British Army Robot Wars

    The 'robots' are from a company in Estonia which is linked to QinetiQ North America, a concern that took over the UK's military research and development agency, which we knew of from various titles over the years, such as MVEE, RARDE. Here is a link for more info: https://qinetiq-na.com/products/unmanned-systems/titan/
  21. Richard Farrant

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    The 6x4 has a forged steel beam axle which is straight with upturns outboard of the road springs. Check the following link, I know it is related to a model but the inset photo shows the real thing as well. Nothing out of the ordinary much like and other non driven axle on the front of a lorry. https://www.ebay.com/itm/U-Models-1-35-GMC-CCKW-4x6-Front-Axle-/272690215631
  22. Richard Farrant

    Breakdown cover recommendations

    The cause of the wheel coming off was likely because the wheel was running backwards. This is the reason for having left hand and right handed threads on wheel studs, so they should not unscrew when driving forwards.
  23. Richard Farrant

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    You don't have much time to draw breath between projects! Do you think the Peerless will be more straight forward then the Dennis and Thornycroft? From what I can see, a lot of it is together at the front end. A unique drive for the water pump with that spring. Good luck! regards, Richard
  24. Richard Farrant

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    Hope the squirrel did not hide any of the nuts 😟
  25. Richard Farrant

    Daimler Dingo starter

    Hi Bob, Glad to help.