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  1. Michael No worries, we all get a bit of brain fade at times 😉 regards Richard
  2. As the hubs were made by Sentinel then it stands to reason they are for the FV2500 series of 2 ton 4 wheel trailers. As John suggested earlier, the type that was used for carrying the Meadows 27.5kva generator as well as other uses. These trailers were built by Sentinel of Shrewsbury regards Richard
  3. Hi Mike, Regarding your Dingo, all of them were Negative Earth, so looks like some may have wired it up wrongly. regards Richard
  4. NSN does not identify the supplier. The first group of 4 digits identify the group, or clothing, tent age, engine parts, brake parts and so on. Next 2 digits identify country of origin, ie 99 is UK
  5. Hi Mike, Another thought then, is the coil connected up correctly? On a Negative Earth vehicle, the Neg connection on the coil goes to the distributor, having the coil reversed will cause problems.
  6. Chris I have no idea why you think this part is related to Alvis. LV7/FW was definitely AEC (the FW related to the origins of AEC military vehicles and Hardy FWD pre-war). The packers label shows the supplier as ACV Sales Ltd. This was Associated Commercial Vehicles Ltd (ie AEC).
  7. Hi Mike, I would suggest that you have an incorrect coil. It is entirely possible that although the coil is for a 12 volt system, it could be a ballast resistor type used on a modern vehicle, possibly only designed to have 9 volts or so running through it. I have come across this a few times. If you do go down the electronic ignition route, then fit a new coil that is recommended. I have fitted Powerspark kits on a number of vehicles and they transform the running and starting.
  8. Hi Rob, Look forward to catching up! regards, Richard
  9. Hi Rob, Nice bit of diagnostic work there. Are you coming down to the steam rally at Woodchurch this weekend? regards, Richard
  10. Robert, I see your 19 Set was inspected by Britcom Base Workshop, this was a REME unit based at Kure, Japan at that time. Well traveled. regards, Richard
  11. Robert i have known and worked on these for years, the first engine was a USA built Continental, then the engine designed for the Standard Vanguard was adapted for it. never heard your story before regards Richard
  12. Gordon, From the FV number I deduce it is a Lamp Guard for a Challenger tank and NSN is 6220-99-881-6898
  13. Well done, it is now looking as I remember them 👍
  14. Rob, 36 Engineer Regt at Maidstone also carried the X11 sign on their vehicles in the 1970's, I had an original sticker and scanned it for Sam. regards, Richard
  15. Good one Rob. You can always tell an AEC by the brake squeal ! That one goes well. Look forward to seeing it in DBG and tac signs. All the hard work was worth it.
  16. I seem to recollect spotting that when you showed it to me a while back.
  17. Hi Martin, Looking at the throttle spindle, I would say that is a carb from a Daimler Armoured Car ( it has a clamp to link to the other carb).
  18. Hi Tim, Well done to you all, that will give you more confidence in the old girl. It looked great going through the town.. regards, Richard
  19. Hi Gaz, It would not be at all advisable to tap the threads out to Metric, use the correct UNC bolts, these are lifting points and you will weaken the threads. Safety is the name of the game here!
  20. Yes I am fully aware of that as I have been inside it, but it has not actually ‘fallen apart’.
  21. There is a Mark IV tank standing in our town, it has been in the same place for 100 years, never seen any bits falling off in all the years I have known it. Must have been made better than a Challenger 🙄
  22. These wheels were known as Easyclean (spelling may not be correct) and used by a number of car makers in late 1930's. I think that Hillman used a 3-stud wheel hub. The wheel shown has the lugs for a hub cap.
  23. Hi Scoobie well done, glad that trick worked for you ! regards Richard
  24. Hi Nick, Some of the stories these guys come out with do not make any sense, they may not have had much interest in them at the time either, just a tool of the trade.
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