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  1. Back in the 90's the local RLC Bomb Disposal unit had a LDV 300 Convoy with a Rover V8 in it. Regularly came in for brake disc and pads renewal, they never travelled anywhere slowly!!
  2. Nothing new there, London Transport were completely rebuilding RT and Routemasters at Aldenham about 50 years ago. We did the same with army Bedford RL and MK lorries where I worked in the Seventies.
  3. Gordon, I have had the same publication that Clive scanned pages of for over 25 years, and never noticed the Amphicar listed on there before! Richard
  4. Hi Gordon, NR means Non Retention, basically means if the vehicle is up for casting, that it is not retained. Often used on vehicles that might have been used for trials or one-off buys, also if the are obsolete.
  5. I have had an M20 for 37 years, lovely old machines.
  6. They look like tools for a BSA WM20 ........ good choice 👍
  7. I shudder to think of autonomous motorcycles 🤔
  8. Hi Peter, Did you ring the guy I contacted you about? Last time I saw him he had not received a call.
  9. Vintage MV Manuals has a 1985 copy listed, see this link: http://www.mark.clubaustin.co.uk/misc_.htm
  10. They both appear to have cable drums, probably for telephone link to Controller
  11. Austin K5 chassis' being assembled followed by shot at the end of a convoy of Austin K6 GS trucks
  12. Citroman, You have probable nailed it! Walter, see this web page link and scroll down to the pictures of the transmission layout; http://forum.aths.org/PrintTopic151923.aspx
  13. Here is a Motley mount complete, owned by a friend;
  14. Looking at the front axle, it does not appear to be driven so possibly not a 4x4?
  15. I thought it looked familiar, but could not pin it down. There is a company who repairs pallet trucks in the yard where I work and I recognise it now.
  16. I recall crates of these concrete mines in the RE Bay at the REME workshop where I worked. I remember asking what they were and was told they were for testing the minelayers. Never saw one and that was 1974, I believe the Barmine layer had been introduced by then as I had seen one in an agricultural machinery dealer's workshop a few years previous to that.
  17. Detergent oil keeps impurities in suspension so that when passing through the filter they leave the muck behind. It is the older type straight engine oils that leave the sludge in the bottom of the sump. You never know what oil a previous owner has been using. regards, Richard
  18. The were jeep body kits coming in from the Philipines about 40 years ago with no real details to them, nothing to make them recognisable as Willys or Ford and no one seemed bothered then, just get it on and use it. I remember a friend buying one at that time. Could be one of them.
  19. Hi Richard, The Dingo did run on pneumatic runflat tyres originally, same type of tyre as a Ferret in construction. Later on another version of the tyre was introduced that did away with having a tube as the casing was much thicker and with a bead spacer there was still a cavity inside to give the tyre some absorbance. They are often described as 'solid', this is a misnomer. I fitted some truck tyres of the correct size to one on instructions from a customer and they performed perfectly on the road and despite having road tread pattern I could not get it stuck in mud. I note that this vehicle was recently sold and described as having a good ride. regards, Richard
  20. That small plate was used by Workshops when the cylinder was rebored, either on overhaul or repair. It helped when having to order piston or rings the next time it needed attention.
  21. Hi Andy, I know this is 'off topic', but as you mentioned it .... Dalesman motorcycle ..... I owned one, a trials bike, it was only a couple of years old when I bought it and it had been ridden in the Scottish Six Day Trial by the previous owner. Just worked out that I bought it 50 years ago 🤔
  22. Have you tried Ian Wonnacot at Classic Spares bear Exeter? He specialises in brake cylinders
  23. I have a feeling Girling and Lockheed transverse cylinders might be inter-changeable by the flange size, but you will need to check the threads. I recollect having to do this on an early 50's Dennis fire engine many years ago.
  24. Hi, The original fitment was Lockheed, according to my Lockheed book. The cylinders were handed and part numbers were 15490 and 15491, it lists them as fitted to War Office vehicles, 1939 to 1943, assume yours would be 30/100hp Tractor WD. Girling did produce similar cylinders, but you would need to check the threads on pull rod, both male and female as I have found some with UNF and also BSF.
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