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  1. There is a hook on the clutch pedal to keep the plates apart when not in use, they are very prone to sticking. Hook the pedal down and run the engine to get it hot, you may well find then that the plates will free.
  2. Hi Ben, Have you seen this webpage? http://www.austinmemories.com/styled-96/index.html regards, Richard
  3. Hi Tomo, The bottom ring is an oil scraper, it has the 'step cut' ends to keep the oil from passing the ring gap and the reduced diameter and oil holes under the ring allow the oil to pass down inside the skirt.
  4. I wondered if it was TonyB's Dodge, but it looks like it might be a 6x6
  5. Rupert i am not sure of the point you are trying to make here. Top photo is of the work done by Pearson’s of Liverpool. They assembled and prepared vehicles for the Allies that were shipped into the docks from US and Canada. the photo of the Bedford QLB gun tractor shows it with trade plates belonging to Vauxhall Motors, the makers. What makes you think this vehicle was never issued to the army?
  6. The battery carrier on your bike is a Lucas item as fitted to the WM20, you might be able to trade it with someone to get the correct one.
  7. Hi Philip, Item 49 is the seat for the Altitude Correction needle, am sure it is brass regards. Richard
  8. Preparation of surface (ie, not clean, trace of oil), wrong type of paint for hot surfaces, primer incompatible ....... just three possibilities. I use what is known as a machinery type paint, in the old days it was known as coach paint. Never had any problems.
  9. Hi, There is a brand new one, ex-MoD stock, in Scotland and they are asking £210 plus VAT. That is a sensible price. It looks like the starter was also used on the JCB 410 forklift (that replaced Eager Beaver) as I recall the JCB had a similar Perkins engine to the EB. https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=16895 regards, Richard
  10. Hi Robert, Take a look at this page, there is a map with timings on it, basically they are flying out from Duxford, over Colchester, Southend, Maidstone and Eastbourne and on to Le Havre and the dropzone east of Caen https://www.daksovernormandy.com/news/daks-over-normandy-historic-route-revealed/ Several of the American Dakotas arrived at Duxford today, some still on their way.
  11. I guess it was in case one system failed. I know the owner of a 1920's Bean car and I recollect it had a magneto and coil ignition, and of course two sets of plugs. The Rolls Royce B range engines on fire engines often had two coils and you could switch over to the other ...... in my experience the condensers failed more often than the coil!
  12. We had some come through the workshops at the time, the soldiers were unaccustomed to the slow gear changes with gearboxes and clutches suffering. I recall they found a gearbox at a dealer in Scotland. There was even a brand new windscreen assembly in the stores. I remember doing some work on the brakes of one .......crikey that must have been around 40 years ago now....... I think the Triumph motorcycle was a TRW as there were still some in service at that time, they had tele forks but a rigid back end and sprung saddle.
  13. If your RH front cylinder is working then it sounds like you need to to change the brake shoes as despite cleaning they are obviously contaminated. Slackening the LH brake to compensate will not work.
  14. This was one of a small number of Hippos taken out of storage in Belgium in mid-70's and issued to Ordnance TMP (Training Materiel Park) in the UK when there was a shortage of 10 tonners. I know some were sent to the TMP at Ashford, yours was at Taunton and disposed of in 1977. A TMP was like a rent-a-truck depot in the army and units drew extra vehicles from there when needed. It was disposed of at a Ruddington disposal auction.
  15. Hi Tim, The number 16 relates to the location of where the vehicle was disposed from, in this case 16 B Vehicle Depot in Belgium. Unfortunately there is no disposal date showing.
  16. If it was issued a transport unit in Germany in 1945, then it is highly likely it was RASC and the sign at the time would have been red over green diagonally. As for the number on the sign it would depend on which division/formation the unit was assigned to.
  17. Hi Tim, The blue and yellow square denotes RASC, Royal Army Service Corps (later on the Royal Corps of Transport, I think the last Hippos in service might just have been in on the title change). The sign colours are postwar, the WW2 colours would have been red over green diagonally. regards, Richard
  18. With a leak coming from the bell housing it cannot be ruled out that it might be from the gearbox. Ascertain if it is engine oil or gearbox oil. As Phil said, if the engine has not been run for a long time and the old type of rope seals on the rear of the crankshaft are fitted then they could have dried out and could stop leaking once they have got oil on to them.
  19. If are looking for liners, I use Westwood Cylinder Liners, they have stock sizes or will make to your spec. Sometimes you might find the right diameter but slightly longer, my machinist cuts them to length before fitting them. Then you bore to required size. regards, Richard
  20. Just a guess, but 7DN could be Dennis as the army did have Dennis coaches at one time
  21. Hi Simon, It is around 45 years ago when I had a couple of B40WD motorcycles. Just dug out some info and the BSA part number for the element was 47-7807. The army listed a makers number for the filter as CA2602, no idea who made the filter. regards, Richard
  22. Belzona is excellent, and used in heavy industry. MoD use it and I have used it successfully in all sorts of applications. regards Richard
  23. Hi super6, Looks like you have confirmed it, a Renault truck 👍
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