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  1. I thought I'd replied to this but obviously not! Yes, both pipes are returns; one is the main return from the fuel filter, the other is the injector drain. Andy
  2. Who is the manufacturer of the GPS kit, out of interest? Andy
  3. Could be interesting indeed, but I can see a time when no-one will need to take a conventional driving test. What then happens about those driving non-autonomous vehicles? Andy
  4. andym

    Abbot pack

    Same here - I suspect you'll be VERY lucky to find one! And beware, if the K60 is from an FV432 it isn't a straight swap, some differences are obvious, others aren't. Don't ask me how I know ... 🙂 Andy
  5. Let's see if this works ... Andy FV432 Technical Handbook Data Summary E100-2.pdf
  6. Yes, but it's not easy. If you don't have the Unit and Base Repair manuals you'll find them very useful! Fuel tank removal is in Chapter 3 of the Unit Repairs EMER (Trk E103/3). Don't disturb the cables going to the fuel tank sender unit you can see behind the driver's seat! MAKE SURE THE TANK HAS BEEN DRAINED - the lifting eyes aren't designed to carry a tank with fuel in it. Remove the plates to the bottom left of the driver's seat (one carries the engine disconnector cable). That will give you access to the two plugs carrying the cables for the fuel sender and pump. If the self-sealing fuel couplings are still in place you can undo them too; they may have been replaced as they tend to leak with age. Remove the hull plates over the top of the tank, the vent pipes, angled support members and the battery tray. Undo the cable clamps securing the tank and lift making sure that nothing gets caught on the way out. If you want to fit an oil pressure gauge there's a tapped hole on the crankcase next to the oil pressure switch. It will be a pack out job to get at it, though. Andy
  7. The only thing threatening the continued use of MVs is the availability of suitable fuel, the ban only applies to new cars ( and note "cars", not "vehicles"). I don't see it being a problem for years to come. A more interesting problem might be the ability to take a driving test when all other vehicles are autonomous. Andy
  8. You might try Crouch Military, perhaps? Andy
  9. Everything in an FV430 is SAE30 except for the final drives, which are EP90 and the FIP governor, which is ATF. Andy
  10. As someone with two failed applications and a failed appeal to build a barn for my vehicles I feel your pain! Andy
  11. It does indeed and you don't need to buy a manual, they're free to download online. I did a MOD FoI request several years ago: https://www.fv432apc.com/fv432manuals.html Andy
  12. It's SAE30 mineral oil and there's a dipstick on the filler. Do you have a copy of the manuals? Andy
  13. Thanks Barry! Andy (M0IJH)
  14. I got mine to boot up with Windows 98 after a lot of head scratching but unfortunately the screen has several lines/rows of missing pixels. 😞 Andy
  15. If you want to test the generator simply put a voltmeter across the batteries. If it's anything like FV430s you should have 28.5V across them at anything above 1000 rpm or so. Andy
  16. Any of the existing MV insurers such as Adrian Flux, Cherished etc ...
  17. I'm afraid not! Try Marcus Glenn or Milweb, perhaps? Andy
  18. Hans - The fuse problem sounds to me like the FIP solenoid. The manuals referred to earlier in this thread are now here for you to download as needed: http://www.fv432apc.com/fv432manuals.html Andy
  19. Asbestos is generally safe if you don't disturb it. The brake bands are definitely asbestos but you're unlikely to come into contact with it. Andy
  20. Do you have a reference for that, John? I wouldn't mind a look. Andy
  21. Unless it's changed recently, the AA policy doesn't cover you for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes so it's not "any vehicle" unfortunately. I'm with Autohome for my vehicles, which are all in excess of the AA limit. Andy
  22. Thanks Richard - I think it's the wheel shuffling that's key, because otherwise I don't see how a rotation around centre of the axle can translate into a rotation round the centre of the stud. Andy
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