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  1. I agree and tbh I think that I'm way over thinking this I just need to find something with tracks I don't even need to have a registration plate from what you guys have said and get the dvsa out to me 😊
  2. Hi John, I've just found his Facebook I will give him a bell tomorrow cheers
  3. Hi Chris, Cheers for the info Just had a look at that link cheers it would seem that what we have at work is classed as a plant machine so I couldn't use it for the test...... Back to the drawing board..... Anyone lend tanks lolz
  4. Hi Tom thanks for the info its a shame that they don't do that course anymore as I would have paid that we have a layer at work and I would like to drive it its the same size as a agro cat I suppose and the extra qualification does not hurt, I'm a hgv driver so the weight appreciation is not something that bothers me as I carry the weight every day.
  5. Hi can anyone recommend a cheap ish h licence training please ideally in the Shropshire or West Midlands Region 🤔 Cheers in advance
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