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What's your claim to fame.......


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As the title says....What's your claim to fame?


What have you done that is pretty unique?...


Who have you met, who have you sat next to?


Have you been on TV, in a film, been an extra.


Have you helped someone famous get out of trouble :shock:


Have you worked for anybody famous?


Have you sold anything to anybody of interest?


Go on...here is your chance to names drop like hell!

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When i was serving with 39 regt Royal artillery i did a tour of Cyprus with the un and we got inspected by the Queen and i gave a briefing to the then prime minister John major ,we were then the first British regt since the Falklands war to work along side argentinean troops who could,nt speak a word of English. So thats my 5 mins of fame

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Cola cubes , wow they were great, used to damage the roof of your mouth :lol:


lmfao! to right and they still do..........bought some the other day from an fashioned sweet shop in Lymington, and they haven't changed, they still make the top of your mouth sore :?

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