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Ha ha i have been promoted


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Lance Corporal indeed. Well, that takes me back many years.


There I was newly promoted and marching a squad of twenty odd TA recruits of the 5th bn. Queens Regiment TA, around the old SS camp at Cella in Germany. (Host unit The Royal Green Jackets).


Full of it?, well yes, that and a little more.


"Le-eft, Right Le-eft, Right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"

"Keep those arms straight, thumbs pushed back, Chest Out, Chin in, Look your own Height, etc. etc. etc. You will all know the drill.


I am marching them across a grassed area to a Fieldcraft lesson.


Now me being busy watching what the squad were doing, and them wishing all sorts of evil upon my personage, I did not see, and they did not care to warn me of, a massive hole from which a large fire hydrant had been removed.


Lady luck, we all know, can sometimes be ones best friend, well yes, she was theirs, but totally deserted me. Their course took them right past the very edge of the hole, and me, base over apex, right into the muddy morass at the bottom.


Well, they kept marching, laughing as quietly as they could, until, I could not help but see the funny side myself and just sat in the hole, smothered in shush, and laughing like a hyena sitting on a peacocks plumage, till they broke off to come back for me.


How are the mighty, (especially the self important), fallen.

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sounds like a skippy moment , Glad you were not seriously hurt .

How nice of you. The funny thing is, they knuckled under and knew where we all stood, but that set the tone for an underlying warmth between us, which they felt able to confess to at the end of the course.


I remember my Colleague Pete, in response to these lads coming up to us and thanking us etc, he said in his best parade ground voice, "right lads, now you have all passed out, you can call me Pete>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>Corporal ******* Pete!"

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Reminds me of a time many years ago out in BAOR - EndEx was over and it was time to let the hair down as the saying goes after 3 weeks in the field. Started partying in the NAAFI then adjourned to the barrack block when that noble institution closed. Early hours of the morning festivities were interupted by a couple of US MP's ( I think we were at Gelnhausen) and a rather irate and bossy US Captain, Usual things occured like "What the f*** do you think you are doing?" which got the usual answers, "On your feet" which got no response so out came the note book -"I want you names for my report to your CO".

First man: "Trooper xxxxxx number xxxxx"

Second man: "Coporal xxxx number xxxx"

Third man: "Major xxxxxx - I am the CO"


You could have heard a pin drop at that moment then the twp MP's gently wheeled the Captain away whilst whispering words of advice in his ears.


Moments like that are truly priceless!!!

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