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Desperately seeking.....an Antar........

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Hello folks,


New to the forum.


I'm not involved in MV other than being an admirer, past user & son of past user. You all have my admiration for the £ & effort put into keeping our heritage preserved.


Hopefully I've blown enough smoke to solicit some help :):whistle:


In a book on the marvellous Antar, (is it by Pat Ware?), there's a fairly recent picture of an Antar with the reg. 12DM88 at a show.


I know someone who used to drive said Antar in about 1960.....and I know he'd be a bit chuffed to be reunited.


So, does anyone know who owns said Antar and/or if it's likely to be appearing at a show anytime this year - or perhaps even viewed privately?


Many thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.

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Thank you Mike - have replied.


That would be the one belonging to Bill Holding of Shiffnal in Shropshire. Bill bought it of MIRA (motor industry research... i've forgotten the last bit). It had been used to test motorway crash barriers, most of the time it was ANTAR 1 crash barrier 0, but eventually a crash barrier scored and the front axle got obliterated. Bill purchased another front axle of a MK2 antar which had been cut up in John Watsons at Stone in Staffordshire. Repairs were required to te sump and then a very extensive restoration took place making a very nice truck. Bill also has the correct trailer to go behind it.


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As Antarfan says Its in the Antar book by Pat Ware page 38, but I don't want to breach copyright...do you have the book?


What a stoke of luck ! Pat Ware just happens to be a member of this very forum. Does anyone know his username ? I'll PM him and ask if he minds if we post said 'photo.

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