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Hi All,

Although I am new to this forum I am not new to MVs having started the interest back in 1992 when I met a local farmer who owned a Sherman Grizzly and Diamond T. Luckly enough I got to watch him drive around, on and off the Diamond T transporter and on a couple of occasions I had a rumage around in the turret and got to sit in the drivers position.... I was only 13! In 94 my Dad took me to Normandy for the 50th which was a fantastic trip, unforgetable... I even got to say hello to Major Howard outside the Cafe at PB.

Later brought and restored a 1966 Landy and a 1969 Lwt Landy, brought a 1971 Spitfire and a 1972 TR6 which were already in good condition.

Ever since 1994 I have built MV models and wone a couple of awards, but only very minor ones.

Although I am qualified as a metalurgist to MEng level I went on to work for Jaguar and since 2003 have worked for Siemens Turbines in Lincoln, UK as a Commissioning Engineer / Controls Engineer which has taken me all around the world for months on end in Desert camps, Jungle compounds and also some nice cities... that is where I am at the moment: Cali, Colombia, in South America.

I am only really intrested in Armour and am building up to restoring a WW2 vehicle of some kind with the scope wide open from a Carrier to a Medium AFV...it is just a pity that the price of WW2 AFVs had rocketed since my intrest was first sparked:cry:

Oh yes, my main intrest is engines, any and all, I spent most of my Uni years rebuilding Rover V8s for people and trading spares between Racing types and Landy types....


Thats All


Alastair McMurray


PS. My Dad owns a small Steel and Iron Foundry in Bilston, UK who support the Vintage Sports Car Racing scene and Historic Vehicles as well as making parts for current British AFVs. Formcast Ltd.

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Welcome Alastair, what an intro!! Don't worry about your narrow interest, that is bound to change after you've been here for a while!


P.S. if you can drag yourself away from Adrian Barrell's resto blog especially for those with minority (engine/armour) interests for a moment, be careful when ladling molten aluminium scrap from the clubhouse kitchen microwave to the moulds - Jack will not tolerate molten metal splash damage to the new lino flooring......



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Welcome to the Friendly Forum I m sure several of the other members who have great experiance in LR's will be along shortly to chat with you about their fun with sorting out Land Rover engine problems and more . So come on into the Clubhouse Bar and pour yourself a wee dram of something . If you have a mind to order something from the kitchen you may have to lend them a hand as a number of other Members are keeping them busy cooking mash potato's and such to recreate lifesize models of popular MV's complete with Gravy swamps .

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