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Editing own posts - now back


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We had a breakfast meeting this morning and on the agenda was the request to enable to be able to edit our own posts. Joris turned up late (as usual) and fixed it.


So we are now able to amend/edit our own posts at anytime.





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One suggestion - would it be good policy might for people to make any corrections after some time has elapsed, in a different colour??


Seems a good idea, although you can't colourise a deletion. I earlier deleted a picture & substituted an updated view & removed a price reduction.

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Not a problem chaps and my stuff up. And please remember, if you have any issues or feedback then please just get hold me about it and I will look at it - I may need a kick up the backside once in a while as my mind may be on something else. But those of you who know me know that I am totally approachable and sure as hell no prima donna and welcome any chance to enhance HMVF.

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