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Hello from Whistlinwolf

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Just a quick line to say hello,


1942 MB owner, found it in Belgium, February 2004. Went across there on foot with an Asda bag full of Euros , bought it & drove it back to live in good old Yorkshire.


January this year managed to roll it end over end, it hurts, doing so is not to be advised!!!!



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Guest shane taylor
Well creating a Photobucket account was easy,just got to transfer em across now, watch this space.



Nice one Tim!


Now lets see the after pictures.................. :cry:

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A few pictures of the old girl after a quick pirouette and a forwards roll, all part of a new years day spin!!

In Olympic terms it would have been a 9.9

You can see the front wheel is about3" to the offside when viewed down the side in one of the photos.

Chassis was kinked in 4 places down its length, last one was past where fuel tank sits.

Steering column snapped,

Steering wheel bent(WW2 one), :cry:

seat bent

Tank kinked

screens smashed ,

G/box damaged

Tub front moved across

N/S hub damaged

Combats bent

Bonnet bent, and loads of other stuff :cry:


I got a text message from a friend(?) the following day(2nd Jan) to remind me,


"Remember, a jeep is for life, its not to be ditched after






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