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W&P - No deadline for enties then?


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We went down to W&P for the weekend, arrived at 9.30am on Saturday and found the two people in the queue in front of me at the vehicle check in were allowed in (on payment of the £25) on the basis that somehow they didn't have time to book by 1st July!


Now don't get me wrong the more MV's the merrier but I know a few people in MV movement who didn't go but could have if they had only know, as they were not sure their vehicle would be ready by the booking cut off date or because of their changing work shifts.


So my message is don't bother booking, just turn up and pay then and if the weather is crap (or your MV is not well) and you don't go, you won't have wasted your money.


NB - I didn't get a program again when booking in this year, as I was told they were all gone, so missed the LR 60th anniversary - yet later saw a W&P person selling them near the trade stands. I felt like demanding one for free!

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So how come two days later two people turn up with a completed application in hand, pay the £25 and drive on in?


or one person drives in without paying at all.... its all about the man/woman on the gate at the time. Human nature and all that, ie some jumped up inadequate whose only big moment in life is manning the W&P gate and thinking what a big person they are because they now have POWER :coffee:

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