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Two questions, totally unrelated to each other



Q1. - The aerial side stalks on a landrover FFR. should the mounts have the tuning ring or not? Seen pictures of FFRs, some with them fitted, some not (when I say the tuning ring, I mean the metal base on the bottom of the aerial mount....I may not have used the right term).



Q2. - Camo netting supports. Where can I get poles, and the collander type things for supporting the netting (sorry for all these technical terms...they may confuse those not "in the know") :)



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Anchor supplies have poles an baskets, and do mail order. Or you could just wait till Beltring and pick up the whole lot there. The 'tuning' ring is not required on all radios, get the manual for the radio installation you want and check that. If you're running 353s then yes you need those rings.


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