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Is this the way to treat a historic Military Vehicle?!


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I have just been reading in 'Windscreen' about a military vehicle auction that occured last August at the Grampian MV tattoo. While I am pleased that the vehicles have gone to new homes I am shocked that someone could own so many vehicles and yet leave them out in the open for so long!


One vehicle listed as an 'aero screen Morris PU' in the magazine is a Morris CS8 4x2 Air Compressor and as it has the 51st Highland Div sign showing on the front mudguard, it may well be the same CS8 I read of some years ago in an early copy of Classic Miliatry Vehicle that had been used by a Scottish builder up to the 1980s and that it had been with the Royal Engineers of the 51st Highland Div at El Alamain and that the then current owner had been in contact with one of the veterans who drove it at the time.


Let's hope the current owner restores it to its former glory as if I am correct, it really is a HISTORIC military vehicle.

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I've been to a chap (for CMV) who collected MVs and classics with the best of intentions, but they all seem to mount up and end up being a curse. He realised he had to concentrate on maintaining one and the others regularly find themselves advertised in the usual places and are unsold as far as I know. Shame. Maybe that is the case here? You're right that it is good to see the Morris in the hands of somone who can devote time to it.



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