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GMC - rear bulbs keep blowing


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Evening folks.


My rear lights keep blowing on my GMC - just the side lights not the brake lights....:confused: Not instantly but by the time I come back from a drive out.


Has anyone come across this before? And what could the problem be?


Best wishes.



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Jack if it is only the rear bulbs blowing then most likley culprit is the main feed wire running the length of the truck, the insulation may be breacking down causing a short. Are the bulbs wired on a seperate brake light and tail bulb or are the bulbs dual filamnet? If they are dual filimanet, then a good clean up inside the holders may cure the problem. This sounds like a muck problem. with vehicles waking up for spring the metal worms will show. The metal on the bulb base and the steel holders can react as electrolitic corrosion, this causing bulbs to blow is relativvly common.

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