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  1. Hi Your machine is to give its official designation is a Bicycle Trade Pattern Heavy Duty. From my archives it was introduced in 1952/53 and to date I have traced at least four contracts. In regard to frame numbers I have three sequences which are for different contracts listed in my frame number register - 3 or 4 digits and and six digits with the letter N or NP. A MK V1 model does not exist however a number of collectors and dealers are continually advertising there machines as a MKV1. The last mark of military bicycle was the Mark V & Mark V*. If you require any more information please let me know. Regards Paul
  2. For sale quantity 8 12x 12 Army tent pegs. Galvanised coated. Quite heavy to post. Cost £8.
  3. Will be selling a rare WW2 Raleigh prototype command folding bicycle. Totally original. Anyone interested? PM me for more information.
  4. The Armourers were originally responsible for the repair of bicycles but this changed in 1954 when the repair was passed to vehicle mechanics. This change was never popular as I can remember in early 1980s in BAOR bicycles parked outside the units armourers shop awaiting repair!! Paul
  5. Hi Lex Thanks for showing the parts box. I have seen them before whilst I was serving. A super item to obtain. As you said the parts look like post war Phillips for the Trade Pattern Heavy Duty Bicycle. I have seen your information on the MKVs that you have. I will reply tonight when I have studied my list of frame numbers, Regards Paul
  6. I am trying to identify manufacturers by frame numbers for the above machines. If any member has a Mark V/ V* would you please let me know the frame number and any other distinguishing marks? Most manufacturers fitted a small transfer and WD arrow to the sloping down tube. PM me if you prefer.
  7. Brings back some good memories!! I was in 54 (Farelf Support Sqn) On Op Crown for the last few months. Your name rings a bell? Really enjoyable time. Taff Southern
  8. Forgot to mention I would also have been towing a 27 1/2 KVA generator.
  9. Had one of these on charge in Singarpore in 1967-69. A challenge to drive especially on the steering due to the weight when fully loaded with the full CES kit including metal and spare bottles for the welding kit. Remember getting pulled over by the RMP in a speed check just over the causeway on route to a construction job in Malaya what a laugh lucky if I could raise 29 mph with the old girl. They were the good old days.
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