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MAN KAT1 6x6 and 8x8's

Bodger Baz

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Any owners of the above vehicles out there? if so and they would like an extremely hard to come by English copy of the operators/maintenance manual and parts list i can give them a copy in PDF on CD ;-)


For the inquisitive they look like this;


Is it pregnant? Or do they always carry the young like that. :evil: Or is it you are just to lazy to use a shovel like the rest of us when you get stuck!



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I thought I'd add a few MAN photos as well. This is one that was at the garage for repair/ service. Belongs to the norwegian army.




Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo from the front. This is a cargo carrier. The army has several versions of this vehicle including bridge layers.


I still prefer Oshkosh though! http://www.oshkoshtruck.com/defense/products%7Emtvr%7Ehome.cfm :-D


As for the Hagglunds BV206 I leave you with this link to a wonderful winterphoto from HMK forum. http://www.network54.com/Forum/86929/message/1199649212/Tur+med+BV+206.

But as we all know this is swedish...



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