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Vehicle Transport - Netherlands to UK


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We have a vintage chassis cab stuck in Holland, our transport has fallen through at the 11th hour so we are trying to find a company to bring her back to the UK and to also complete the relevant import paperwork.

If anyone has any experience of doing the same or has any recommendations please could you pm us?

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I have used Metcalf through GPSV, they were quite reasonable to Germany. Or

Matt Austin at RV Shipping Ltd, who also used Metcalf as part of the journey and Discordia the rest. 

T:  +44 (0) 1978 660681

E: maustin@rvshipping.co.uk

W: www.rvshipping.co.uk

You will need to declare to customs and have paperwork sorted prior to import. I used a customs agent to sort the paperwork, it was worth it. Although some logistics will do it for you. You will need to pay VAT as well as 10% import depending (sometimes older vehicles are subject to less). Logistics will need from memory a completed T1 form and CMR form for customs declaration and the HGV has to report to customs at the end destination. The paperwork needs to confirm the vehicle is sealed and will not be opened until at destination country - which means you do not need to stop at French customs to pay, but at UK customs. Where you, or the agent will pay the tax owed before it continues to you.


Hope that helps! Once clear you will have all the paperwork to register an import - which is much easier in the UK then Germany, that is for sure! Here you need a TUV datasheet for the vehicle which has weights, vehicle emissions, noise ratings, and more. Which is fine, unless you are the first to import that kind of vehicle as you have to pay for extra testing! I was lucky, as they did want £1200 for emissions test and £1000 for noise regs test! Thank you for who ever paid for this data first! 

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