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Royal Engineer vehicles from the 70's

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Does anyone know  of a source for models of RE Vehicles from the 70's - 80''s?

As used in ADR Airfield Damage Repair.

In particular Allis Chalmers or Volvo 4400 wheeled bucket loader.

Aveling Barford Tipper and Aveling Barford Grader and Haulamatic tipper.

Michigan 275 or Terex 7271 Bucket Loader. D6 Cat Dozer.

Bedford MK and Bomb Mat trailer.

Liebherr Vib Roller and  Atlas or O+K excavator and a Lacre Road Sweeper.

 Saracen or Sultan Recce Vehicles.



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Hi Bryan,

The Aveling Barford Dumptruk in RE finish is now available in the Oxford models range. They first brought it out in civilian operators livery, but the real army ones had a large air cleaner on the front nearside mudguard and the model does not have that ............ nit picking here, looks good, it is in 1/76 scale.

regards, Richard

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1:76 Bedford MK and Saracen (in it's APC form) were produced in plastic by JB Models.  The moulds were subsequently acquired by Airfix who re-released the kits under their own brand.  Neither are available from Airfix at present, although it is possible that they may be at some future date.  But they do appear on eBay from time to time.  The Bedford, in particular, is fairly basic, but with some work can be made into a reasonable model.

Cromwell Models produced a Sultan in resin in 1:76 but that is long out of production, though again it examples may occasionally be found on eBay.  


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Have a chat with Dale Feather from Feather3DPrinting.  He can produce to any scale, within reason, in resin and has a really excellent portfolio of contemporary and recent British military models including, Land Rovers CVR(T), Saracen, Millie Mk1.  There's a REME connection - he's on Facebook.

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