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T72 autoloader wiring diagrams?

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Hi, we (Ontario Regiment Museum in Canada)  have acquired a T72, apparently an old one, circa 1973. She's not in bad shape. 

I'd like to get the autoloader functioning even at the risk of museum members losing limbs. :) 

 But I know from working on Centurion and Chieftain gun control elecronics that wiring diagrams and an explanation of the logic is pretty well mandatory to do that. 

Anyone know of any translated  manuals on this subject?



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John, we have some translated manuals, but only for the operation of the tank. They don't include detailed wiring diagrams or summaries of the control logic. Those would be in a somewhat specialized manual for the techs troubleshooting auto loader problems.
I had a hard time finding this kind of stuff for the Cent and the Chieftain. I suspect translated manuals are just not out there for Russian stuff


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10 hours ago, sexton said:

Szia Kiscsepi!

Kifejezetten logikai és kapcsolási rajzokra van szükségem az automatikus betöltőhöz. Nem hiszem, hogy a T55-nek van automata rakodója.

Köszönöm, Malcolm

I will look after it. Maybe I can help, here in Hungary we still have T-72 and other tanks. Can we still talk privately?

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