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  1. Hello. The question is which button on the power strip has gone wrong? There's one on the dashboard and next to the batteries. If you need a wiring diagram, please feel free to help!
  2. Catch of the week. Brand new Ural winch, never once had the rope pulled down.The rope is still preserved with factory Russian grease. Unfortunately it's a bit rusty but it's in perfect condition. It was cut out of a car. This spring project will be a good start.
  3. Yes. The basic Jamz engine wasn't a turbo. The Gvozdika (2S1) is equipped with a turbocharger. The base unit itself is exactly the same as the Kraz 255 engine. Turbo was the main development. Your motorcycle became a cylinder head because of the fact that they once drove the car very much. After replacement it can work perfectly. Be careful not to use household water (tap water) in the car's radiator. It hardens very well, If you can wash it off with vinegar water and then add plain ground water, it will not harden. Your superstructure, I know, was a Czech locator on a trailer. The Cz
  4. Hello. Your Kraz is in very good shape. does it have a factory turbo engine? Gvozdika engine can be put in, without any modification, and turbo! Which country did you manage to buy from? German / Czech? How much trouble is purchasing parts? Be careful not to go with 90 km / h more, because the engine will be valve, Traveler speed 70-80km / h. If the steering wheel is heavy, replace the seals, then it will be like butter! We have tons of spare parts for them. And lots of cars, Ural, kraz, zil..stb from the locked stock of the Hungarian army. Do you come to Hungary? You could check m
  5. Looks really good. Do you have a Ural 4320 truck? Will you send me a picture of Kraz? My Email Address: arnim1993@gmail.com This is the scrapped (kraz) warehouse of the Hungarian army. They were all for sale.
  6. Thank you very much. Photo shows Kraz 255 yours? Are you a collector? What vehicles do you have?
  7. It will be ready soon. Brake completely renewed / revised. (works perfectly) Engine in operation / reliable. There are a couple of little things left and it's 100% functional. I'll send a few photos to those interested! I am very happy to answer any questions (( :
  8. Surveyor.: I just stopped restoring work. I'm going to go from March to post photos. Meanwhile, I can get a firefighter TÜ2 Gaz66.
  9. Yes. Very good, on narrow roads a bit unpleasant
  10. Enigma:Thank you very much. There is a lot of work on it, and I'll do it over time. Complete brake repair is underway.
  11. Robin33.: 1989 registration ural 4320. Very young car.
  12. Surveyor.:I'm a collector. I will use Hobby. I want to take pieces and rebuild it to be like a new one.
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