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Challenger 3


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With the developments in metallurgy and composite materials as well as hull survivability design in the intervening years. We as a country should be in the forefront of mobile combat vehicle design and manufacture given the MOD budget. Which begs the question, what do these mandarins do with the money.  

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An update on the new turret being built by Pearson and Responsive engineering in the Armstrong works.

Challenger 3 demonstrator turret structure released to RBSL   - Pearson Engineering (pearson-eng.com)

Maybe we should be upgrading all C2 instead of a few!

If we were to need more we should have the capacity to design and build a complete MBT plus systems, plenty of heavy engineering firms such as JCB, Terex etc. that could step up if required.  I still have faith, just.  😌

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We have people with the ability and willing companies, It is political foresight and willingness to expect the unexpected this country lacks. We support lame ducks and deride success in many cases. We cannot support the military with a just in time supply system used in the commercial sphere of operations. No politician seems to have any idea how many rounds a weapon of any class can fire or need to fire in a combat situation. They have not seen the Red or White ball express films of Diamond Ts pulling trailers loaded with ammunition heading for the front line. They never thought to ask where did they come from. A most recent debacle is HMS Leaky and HMS Wobbly both built with foreign design input from firms with no track record in design and installation of the items they were given a contract to install. Sorry if it looks like a rant.  

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An interesting and well made overview of tank firepower from the Tank Museum.  With a little mention of C3 at the end...



I do feel the Centurion and the 105mm gun (L7 ?) would have been worthy of mention.  It is a general overview though....

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