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Road roller identification requested

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Just wondered if any one could identify the make / type of road roller being used by the RE on airfield construction in Germany during 1973, it is not a type I have seen photo's of in the past. Very stylish with  what looks like a slide back roof / cab assy.  It might say Vitroil on the side bodywork, maybe a lubricant refilling point, and it is RHD in this photo which might be a clue, but maybe the steering can be swopped RHD to LHD depending on workscope.










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Richard Farrant & Radiomike7    


I think you are correct, found an image of spares parts book. I am not that familiar with plant, I just thought it looked an unusual machine. In the pictures I posted did not appear to have a military / ERM registration, but it did have a bridge plate, was green and was being operated by RE staff, so appeared  military. All the other plant working on the airfield site had military registrations. There always seems an answer to any question on this forum.




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It's a Stothert and Pitt roller used by the Royal Engineers on airfield construction in the UK and BAOR in the 1970s.

The ability to transfer the steering wheel from one side to the other caused a few novice RE operators heart failure when "old sweats" would deliberately remove it whilst on the move and disappear..!!

Nightmare to load onto trailers when conditions were wet. 

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