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British M5a1 International Halftracks use and pictures


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We are nearing the end of restoring an International M5a1 that served well into the 70's it seems ending it's days as a tin roofed REME version .

During the course of restoring it we have found it was given a pretty hard time and also has thrown up a few interesting questions as to it's history as it was seemingly demobbed and then re enlisted into service . Sadly the all important British army ID plate is missing so we will never be able to trace any history as I believe the chassis number is never recorded in army records .

Any pictures of REME halftracks post war would be appreciated and in particular of the one that was at Headcorn years ago... also any of them in wartime service ....it would be nice to base the vehicle on a picture of one in WW2 service....

Given the REME history it would be good to keep some connection with ones used in that way

We have contacted the REME museum but their records are sparse it seems 


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A number of International half track which remained in service after 1949 had the numbers in the series 52 YZ 46 TO 67 YZ 19 and also numbers  76 ZC 01 TO 81 ZC 12 these are recorded on the number two key cards  held at the RLC MUSEUM the chassis numbers appear on these cards they (  should have a number of the  ZA cards} these may have gone to the tank museum

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Plain matt green with or without splodges of black or even shiny DBG is not a 'nice' livery for any vehicle when compared to Lt. Stone or even Lt. Stone and black/green splodges. A couple of Aden-based REME Halftracks in desert livery featured in Starfire's post a while ago, scroll through the link below. There are also plain Lt. Stone liveried REME Halftrack images elsewhere on the web. I have an unusual one too, an M5A1 with both a front jib and a 'never ever seen before' rear jib, albeit a smaller one!


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