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WW1 Belsize Lorry

Colin Spong

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I am a volunteer worker at the Whitewebbs Museum of Transport at Enfield (north London) and these photos show a 1915/18 Belsize Lorry chassis that we acquired some years ago from a farm in Newark. In the museum we have a 1912 John-Morris-Belsize  fire engine that was converted to pneumatic tyres in 1934 and lorry chassis was acquired in the hope that it might provide a set of suitable wheels to convert back to solid tyres. However, they turned out to be completely different as the fire engine wheels were originally wooden and the final drive is by chains.  





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It looks like the bronze worm gear has been stolen out of the rear axle but without dismantling it. How on earth did they do that ? Surely no one would have bothered to reassemble the axle for use as a trailer but not put the top back on.

These photos do illustrate that that style of cast wheels had hollow spokes despite what many people think.


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Gentlemen..Thank you for your response  to my post. The chassis was in good condition when acquired and it has been painted from time to time. I was not aware of the previous unidentified chassis but I agree that it is most likely another Belsize. What we need to find is a chain drive fire engine chassis with the wooden wheels !!!!



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Colin; Can you post some photos of the other Belsize chassis so we have something to compare with. In particular the spring hanger mounts, front of the chassis  and any other points of noticeable difference. As such this would allow people to identify any similar chassis when located. I am one who is building up a data base of such photos of rarer lorries.



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