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Good afternoon, 

My name is Rob a sixty odd year old amateur bike restorer in Lincolnshire.

I have been gifted a Triumph 3hw, although this may sound wonderful when you first hear it. it is in a bit of a sorry state.

it has a few issues as you can see from the pictures.

the numbers on the frame TL.31748 on the headstock and a small stamp on the collar says F1642, it also has T.E.C.7.42. added

the crankcases have 3HW 41748 and C13948.

It was owned by an old family friend who used to fly Hurricanes during WW2 who has sadly left us a couple of years ago

The bike has been stored in the garden for over 40yrs and maybe more, we have some old black and white photos of him racing this bike off road

As you can see it has been altered somewhat to include telescopic forks and a swing arm.

The motor looks promising but the frame at the back looks bad with poor welding clearly visible, I'm not too keen on the front end either.

are there any library reference manuals or drawings available?

the bike has been registered with dvla and 1st registered in 1947.

with some advice I'd love to put it back to original.

Thanks in advance





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