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  1. Maybe this youtube can help. All the best Motorfahrer
  2. Austria also used Dodges and GMC and other equipment the Americans gave to the "Bundesheer" when they left Austria in 1955
  3. Richard, thank you for your answer. It as an newspaper article and i am trying to see what how much truth in this story. Austro and British Daimlers only connection is that they were founded with influence of Daimler in Germany. Motorfahrer
  4. Recently the austrian Newspaper "Der Standard" wrote in their car supplement a story relating that the Daimler Dingo has Austrian roots.I will attach the article and pictures in german but i sum up the story: Steyr-Daimler- Puch was developing a small armored vehicle for the Austrian army.ADSK (Austro-Daimler Späh-Karren Austro-Daimler scout cart)weight 3,5 to 3,18 m long, 4 gears + reduction,4 cylinder. 3,6 liters, 60 PS speed 75 km/h. They made 4 pieces for 2 men and 3 pieces for 3 men.The Austrian army was not interested so the investment seemed lost. At that time Britain had a call fo
  5. Difficult Question. Equipment is very rare here are pictures of an truck at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna https://unterirdisch.de/index.php?threads/w-a-f-lkw-3-5-t-der-k-u-k-armee-im-hgm-wieder-fahrtauglich-gemacht.13972/ So it should have the color researched and correct. Another video of the 38 cm Skoda Mörser at the HGM is here Regards Motorfahrer from Austria
  6. On my computer all the pictures are visible. Was always interesting to read your threads. Regards Motorfahrer from Austria
  7. It is an universal part that fits a civilian car in military service as well. German forces were short on military vehicles and took everything they could lay their hands on. Cheers
  8. Hi this is no windshield but a windshield heater that was on the inside of the shield and with all the rubber it created an airpocket that was heated with the wires to get warm to the windshield. You could control the heat by the knob. Tag says that the apparatus is regulated for 6 Volts and gives instructions how to fix it to the inside.
  9. A Steyr 640 Kommandowagen for the German Wehrmacht built in former Austria
  10. Porsche had experience on electric drive. The Austrian Hungarian Army had the M16 Generatorzugwagen C Zug where a tractor with an electric generator provided power to itself and the trailers to move great loads up small mountain roads or could travel on rails. He came from a electric company first to Lohner and then to Austro Daimler. The Mercedes Mixte was his brainchild too. Motorfahrer
  11. Hi Ron,

    reading of your works on motorcycles with great pleasure i want to send you a picture of births motorcycles in a small museum in Rivoltelle del Garda in Italy. When i saw the motorcycles i thought of your blogs and maybe you find it interesting.


    Motorfahrer from Austria 


  12. Even the Austrian Army got some leftover High Speed Tractors when the Allied Forces left the country in 1955. See this facebook Video of the Traditionsverband Heereskraftfahrwesen. Here more info provided in english http://www.hkfw.at/en/our-vehicles/80-allis-chalmers-m4-high-speed-tractor-18t-2-en Motorfahrer
  13. Try http://www.chain-drive.co.uk were very helpful when i needed a inverted tooth chain for the camshaft of my car. Motorfahrer
  14. To the Austrian connection i can say that it is possible. Austria german helmets were used after the war. The badge reminds me of Austrian Gendarmerie and i can think of that they were used. At least the Voluntary Fire Corps used them well into the eighties. motorfahrer
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