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WD Flea Barn and Hedgerow Find.


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There are three bikes in total. Enough parts to certainly restore two complete… ish bikes and then enough to build the third into a rolling frame. As bits turn up at some point in time i may get a third. 
Any parts most welcome at this stage. 

My restorations are a little further on than my post suggests. I will add more pictures today to update the current status. 


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Very nice!! I'd be interested in a taillamp, if you are selling one? mine the lense is all cracked up!

Incredible what still all pops up somehow, I just got an nOS Indian 640 rear cylinder from Australia.



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14 hours ago, Jerryjeeprichard said:



Looks like some good projects pulling together. Do you have engines for them? 

Jerry, yes, one of them is finished now, and sold, the other 2 I'm still building the engines for, but do have them with correct numbers, engines and parts are quite easy. But MKI Welbike cycle parts are very, very difficult, due to the low amount of them being made, (1200 pieces) and then some were retrofitted to MKII's by the factory. 





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I have a question on engines, 

WD bike, fitted with v prefix numbered engine, but there is no frame number stamped in the casting, instead there is a little metal plate riveted to the engine. Quite rusty, there are some numbers stamped in, I need to remove the plate and clean up to make sense of them. 
There is also another stamp, with a broad arrow? And some numbers/ letters, (see images) 

Anyone with similar markings on engines.  






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