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WD Flea Barn and Hedgerow Find.


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I would like to seek help and advise on the WD Royal Enfield flying flea, Hopefully  turn up a few more spares spares....

My story so far..... First bike was purchased  as a partial restoration,  the previous owner had got so far,  relatively complete frame, tank, wheels, mudguards etc unfortunately things came to a halt as other than the engine casings everything else was missing, incomplete or damaged . I purchased this within my knowledge, hope to that I would turn up an engine. 

Bike 1 




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Second bike was sourced, this was literally a true hedgerow find.

The bike had been recovered from a hedge in remote part of Scotland in the 1970s and stored, from what I can remember on the history of the bike the previous owner had gone to a remote croft to  look/buy a wooden bodied Albion truck. Didn't by the truck but came a way with a few old bikes. The flea being one of them. Planned to do a full  restoration eventual ill health prevented this.

I took ownership as it had most of the parts I need to restore the first bike, critically the folding foot pegs, folding kick start, complete engine, all be it locked up solid. and what i believe to be an early WD tank badge. 

NB ...The Albion truck was eventually recovered by a collector and has been restored and apparently is in a museum in Scotland, maybe there is a reader out there that knows more to this story?


Bike 2



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After the high of buying bike 2 there was a period of around 4 years still hunting all things flea, 

The complete engine as detailed above eventually came apart. BUT unfortunately the con rod, crank pin/bearings  and piston was beyond any sort of repair. The crank setup was different compared to the crank I had with bike 1, I contacted Hitchcocks (royal enfield spares dealers) who were very helpful but unable to supply all the crank parts as these were off an early engine.   I did manage to pick up a NOS piston and used threaded WD cylinder barrel 😉 

So the hunt for missing parts continued..... Key bits still missing... toolbox... rear carrier.... exhaust...tail light... head light.. 

The rear carrier was the next find, Ebay... I bid and won the auction. 


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I contacted the seller and asked before you post the item out did he have any other royal enfield spares he anticipated selling. 

The chap was quick to reply, his late farther had a few old bikes, one being the remains of 1950s flea. Regrettably for me most of the useful parts had been sold over the last few weeks. There was a frame, front shocks still left, and a box of small parts. all associated with the later flea

Nothing really that I needed. 

I explained what I was restoring, and that i needed parts for an earlier bike. 

His last reply detailed that he had an early flea too. It had been his farther's.... years earlier the bike had been restored and it was something that he wanted to revive at some point in time. 

I asked if he could send me some pictures, which he did.... but it was made quite clear that the bike wasn't for sale. 

Much later in the day and the exchange of many emails and phone numbers. We agreed on a price and bike 3 was as good as purchased. 

All I had to go off was a description and three poor quality pictures.

I agreed the best option would be for me to come an collect the bike and if there was any ambiguity in the description i still had the chance to back out. 

There was a period of a few weeks before I could go and collect the bike as some of the bits that had been removed were buried in the garage and would need to found. 

The day of reckoning came and bike 3 was collected. 

Bike 3


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Here is my original Miller switch. They have an added on resistor inside for the "direct lighting" circuit. We have been able to obtain reproduction top cap and knob....Also the correct Lodge plug cap and the plug for the magneto......I can ask about availability of these items if you want.

Also here is my original Miller B/O tail lamp....They weren't fitted with the usual Lucas type. Ron 

FLightweights 334.JPG

Lightweights 356.JPG

FLightweights 326.JPG

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The same switch was used on the WD Velo's also. CH is basically off and to do with reducing the charge rate of the 3 brush dynamo when the lights are off. The other positions are Headlamp-Tail lamp- Pilot lamp. 

Yes the Miller switches are quite rare and expensive. But you can usually rework one of the four position switches with a repro cap. 

The Miller BO tail lamps were only ever fitted to Fleas, Velo MAF and the few Miller equipped Matchless G3L's.




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